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CCG Ordering Information 2014 For Questions, contact the Communications Analyst Alexandra Lazar 201-894-6609.

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1 CCG Ordering Information 2014 For Questions, contact the Communications Analyst Alexandra Lazar 201-894-6609

2 Logging into CCG Unilever Employees: – Under the “Capabilities Toolkit”, navigate to the CCG page. – Click the “Tool Access” button on the right hand side. – You will be asked to enter your unique username and password. Food Service Brokers : Access the CCG site by going to – You will be asked to enter your unique username and password - once authenticated, you will be brought to the Unilever-dedicated CCG Homepage If you experience difficulties logging in, or require a username and password, please contact Alexandra Lazar at 201.894.6609

3 Locating the CCG link( Unilever Employees)

4 CCG Item Ordering & Site Functionality

5 Ordering items from CCG When you log into the site you will see the following screen. { Click on the brand group from which you would like to order For example purposes, we’ll select AP/DEO!

6 Once you click the preferred brand, you will see the screen below. From this view you have the option to perform a multitude of functions These functions include: – Changing the brand – Express ordering – Searching for items using Keywords or Stock # – View inventory list an new items – View your order – Checkout – Order history – “My Account” info Ordering items from CCG

7 When you select a brand you will see 2 columns, 1 containing New Inventory within the past 60 days and the other is the general Inventory List. If you would like to see the full inventory list, click on the respective Category selection in the Inventory List. To add items to an order, input the desired quantity (be aware of order quantity limitations) and then click “ Add Items to Order”. Ordering items from CCG

8 If a user chooses to select “Change Brand,” they will be brought back to the main screen with the initial list of all brand categories to choose from and can continue ordering from each brand, as needed. You can place items from multiple divisions on 1 order. Changing the Brand

9 To expedite the order process, the express ordering option allows the user to input the Stock # and quantity and have the item automatically added to their shopping cart. This option is for those orders that are so frequently used, the person that places the order is aware of the Stock Number. Please be mindful that although the item is added to the shopping cart, the order still needs to be checked out. For example, lets order: AXE Corrugate Clip Strips 12-Pack, (Stock #14126) When you submit the order, a window will pop up stating “The following item was added to your order.” If this is correct, click “close,” and if not, click the “delete” button. Express Ordering

10 This function is used if a user chooses to search inventory by a keyword or stock number. In order to elicit a valid search, part or all of the item description must be keyed in, or a proper stock number must be provided. After the search has been submitted, the results will be shown. If the search did not bring about any pertinent items, “No items were found” will be displayed. If the search was valid, the results will be shown accordingly. The user should then enter in the desired quantity and click “Add Items to Order”. Search Inventory

11 If you would like to view your order prior to checking out, click on the “View My Order” tab at the top of the page You can also view your order by clicking on the “You have X item(s) in your order” link When either of these links are accessed, a screen will appear like the one below This screen will give you the option to delete any items that you may not want to order by clicking “delete” View Your Order OR

12 Once the order is complete, the final step is to check your order out of the system. There are a number of things to keep in mind during this step: (1) The inventory is real time, so if there is insufficient inventory, you will be alerted. (2) At the time of checkout, you can still add/delete items to your order. To check out, click the “Checkout” link at the top of the screen. At the top of the checkout page there is a pull down menu which fills out the form automatically with your information if you choose to use your own address by checking off “Personal Shipping Address” If you enter in a separate address, there is an option to save that address so it can be pulled at a later time from the Global Address List. If you choose to save the address, it must be given a description you will remember. Checkout

13 To search for an address using the Global Address list, click on the button labeled “Search Global Address List”. A box will appear labeled “Search Address Book” where you will need to enter any of the following: Company name, City, State, or Zip. If the address was saved, the result(s) will be populated. After confirming the shipping address, you need to select the method of shipment. When you feel the order is complete, click on the “Accept Shipping Info” button * If your order requires alternative shipping methods (ex: Rush, 3 day) please contact Alexandra Lazar Your request will be reviewed by the appropriate individuals before approval will be given for the shipment method Checkout

14 If you are ordering items from multiple brands, you can place those items all on one order. This will ensure that your items get shipped together in the most cost effective way! When you are viewing your order, a pop up will send a reminder that you can still order from another division Click on Continue Order to add items from other divisions to your cart Checkout – Remember to Consolidate Shipment!

15 Checkout After clicking the “Accept Shipping Info” button, a window will appear with a summary of the order. This final window also gives you the chance to give special shipping instructions, save your order description, update quantities, or revise your order. If you are happy with the order status, click the “Submit Order” button at the bottom of the screen. Once shipped, a confirmation will be sent via email with your order number. This email will also contain your confirmation number, tracking number, and link to shipping company. With the order number, you will be able to track your items by clicking on the “Track it” link within Order History (next slide). This will then bring you either to the UPS or FedEx site. If you require a “Rush” order, please contact Alexandra Lazar at 201.894.6609 or at

16 Order History If you’d like to research your order history, click on the link at the top of the page labeled “Order History”. A screen will appear that will allow you to either enter a specific order number or a specific date range in which the order was placed. If a search is done by order number, only one result will be populated. If a search is done within a specific date range, any order placed during that time will be shown in the results.

17 Contact Information Unilever: Alexandra Lazar – E-mail: – Phone: 201.894.6609 CCG: Karen Ferman – E-mail: – Phone: 973.808.0009 x.2174

18 UPS Ground Transit Map - Shipped from Whippany, NJ

19 THANK YOU! If you need more assistance and would like to set up a personal one-on-one, please contact Alexandra Lazar.

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