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Regional traditions Zespół Szkół nr 2 w Czerwionce-Leszczynach.

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1 Regional traditions Zespół Szkół nr 2 w Czerwionce-Leszczynach

2 Drowning of Marzanna

3 The Drowning of Marzanna, or Burning of Marzanna, is a traditional folk fest in Poland. These festivals are to symbolically welcome the spring and bury the winter. They take place on the March 21.The 21th of March is the first full day of spring.

4 Marzanna is a big doll. She is the symbol of winter, cold and dark. She is made from straw and dressed in old womans clothes.

5 Today drowning of Marzanna is maily done by children. In our school pupils also celebrate this age-old custom.

6 By Oliwia B. and Alicja B.


8 We start celebrate Easter one week before – Holy Week. Palm Sunday – we go to the church with palms.


10 On Easter Saturday we go to church to bless eggs and other food (bread, ham, salt, a lamb made of sugar).

11 On Easter Sunday morning we have the Easter breakfast.

12 Children believe that bunny brings them some presents such as sweets or small chocolate eggs.

13 On Easter Monday – Wet Monday -boys splash girls with water Nowadays, this funny tradition is called "Smingus dyngus". By Bartek, Oliwia D. and Rafał

14 Ivan Kupala Day

15 On June 21th people celebrate Ivan Kupala Day (pl. Noc Kupały, Noc Ś wi ę toj ń ska)It is a magical night! The shortest night in the whole year, the celebration of Fire and Water, the union of male and female powers, the only moment when the flower of the fern blooms, it is the pre-Slavic festival of Love! By Zosia

16 St. Andrew's Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew.feast daySaint Andrew It is celebrated on 30 November. The night before St. Andrews Day is magic. Girls want to know names of their future husbands, their professions etc.

17 By Filip and Patryk

18 All Saints' Day celebrated on 1 November in honor of all the saints, known and unknown

19 The tradition is to light candles and visit the graves of deceased relatives By Natalia and Kamil


21 Santa Claus brings presents for children on 6th of December This tradition was started so that kids could enjoy Christmas holidays in many different ways. By Karolina

22 Decorations in our school

23 By Patrycja and Justyna

24 Decorations at our houses

25 By Alicja S.

26 After Christmas people disguise themselves for example as angels, kings, bears and go from house to house and wish others hapiness and health.

27 By Alan and Sebastian

28 Hope you enjoy it!

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