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Easter in Poland Easter in Poland Easter in Poland.

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1 Easter in Poland Easter in Poland Easter in Poland

2 How do we celebrate Easter?
Easter is preceded by Holy Week. It starts on Palm Sunday, when the Christians go to church with small palm branches in memory of Jesus Christ's entering to Jerusalem. On Holy Thursday we take part in the mass, which commemorates Jesus Christ's Last Supper. On Good Friday we celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is very solemn day and we don`t eat meat.

3 The church in Pszczolki

4 Eggs are the symbol of new life.
On Saturday we prepare baskets with coloured eggs, some sausages or ham, some bread and salt and go to church to get the food blessed.

5 Easter Sunday On Easter Sunday we celebrate the Christ Resurrection
After the mass all family members have the big breakfast. They eat eggs and other food blessed. Children are often given some small presents such as sweets or toys.

6 Easter Monday Easter Monday is connected with the old Polish custom called „Smigus Dyngus". We splash our relatives and friends with some water. Splashing with water supposed to bring health and beauty.

7 Traditional food Traditional Easter cakes are „mazurek” and „baba”.
They are beautiful decorated and taste delicious!

8 Easter symbols Symbols of Easter are painted eggs, chicks and a sugar lamb.

9 Easter basket and „pisanki”

10 Every year we have an Easter performance at school.

11 Easter decorations made by children from 1-3 grades

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