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Self-esteem and Personality

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1 Self-esteem and Personality

2 What is Self-Esteem? A person’s belief about his or her worth.

3 Positive/Negative Self-Esteem
(+) A person’s belief that (s)he is worthy and deserves respect (-) A person’s belief that (s)he is not worthy and does not deserve respect.

4 Six Reasons Why it is Important to Develop (+) Self-Esteem
You are more likely to practice life skills. You are more likely to make responsible decisions. You appreciate your uniqueness.

5 Six Reasons Why it is Important to Develop (+) Self-Esteem
You have a firm foundation for difficult times. You are more likely to take calculated risks to mature. You expect others to treat you with respect.

6 Self-Respect A high regard for oneself because one behaves in responsible ways Not to be confused with conceit: excessive appreciation of one’s worth

7 Value A standard or belief What are some of your values?
How have your family values influenced you?

8 Develop Good Character
What is character? -a person’s use of self-control to act on responsible values. What is self-control? -the degree to which a person regulates his/her own behavior.

9 Example You are walking down the street and you find a wallet with $20 in it. Would you return the wallet to the owner? If you have good character, you would use self-control and avoid the temptation of keeping the wallet with the money.

10 Traits of Good Character
Trustworthiness: honest, loyal and reliable You do what you say, you’ll do Do not deceive, cheat or steal Respect: being considerate of others and tolerant of differences Using good manners Make decisions that show you respect your health and the health of others Treat people and property with care

11 Traits of Good Character cont.
Responsibility: using self-control Think before you act, consider the consequences Accountable for your choices and decision – you don’t blame others Fairness: play by the rules, take turns and share Open-minded Listen to others Do not take advantage of others

12 Traits of Good Character cont.
Caring: kind and compassionate Express gratitude Forgiving Help people in need Citizenship: advocate for safe and healthly schools and community Obeys laws and rules Respects authority

13 Developing Your Character
Stand up for your beliefs Learn from people who demonstrate good character traits Ask family members for tips on strengthening values Join groups in school and community

14 Demonstrating Character
Make a difference at home Make a difference at school Make a difference in your community

15 Role Models Someone whose success or behavior serves as an example for other Think about who your role model is… (parent, grandparent, sibling, teacher, coach, etc) Write a letter to your role model Express how they best support your goals and your health Describe the character traits that he/she demonstrates

16 Do You Respect Yourself?
Pay attention to your appearance Make a list of responsible actions and follow them Be a friend to yourself by enjoying activities and hobbies by yourself Write your feelings in a journal Make spending time with family a priority

17 Do You Respect Yourself?
Care for others in a way in which you would like to be cared Let others know what helps you feel special Support the interests of family and friends and have them support your interests Have others tell you when you are showing good character Get plenty of exercise to help with feelings of well-being

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