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Developing Personal Identity and Character

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1 Developing Personal Identity and Character
Mr. Totheroh Health Class

2 Character Cluster Chart
Draw a center circle and label it character Draw 6 smaller circles around the character circle Put one term inside the smaller circles that you feel best describes character We will share our some of these terms and see if any evolve as the day progresses

3 Your Personal Identity
Personal Identity- your sense of yourself as a unique individual. YOUR personal identity depends a lot on your age and circumstances, other parts of your identity are unique to YOU!!

4 How Identity Forms Role Model- someone whose success or behavior serves as an example for you. YOUR identity will change throughout your life as your interests change. Eventually you will develop a clear sense of your own values, interests, beliefs, occupational goals, and relationship expectations.

5 Aspects of Identity Personality- A complex set of characteristics that makes YOU unique. Your personality sets you apart from other people and determines how you will react in certain situations. Some of us have loud personalities, others are quiet, and sometimes we are in the middle of both.

6 The Importance of Good Character
Character- the distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Good character is an outward expression of inner values and is a vital part of healthy identity. Who are some people with good character? Name some individuals with bad character?

7 Traits of Good Character
Trustworthiness- You are honest, loyal, and reliable Respect- Considerate of others and accept their differences Responsibility- You use self control, you think before you act and consider the consequences. Fairness- You play by the rules, take turns, and share.

8 Continued Caring- A caring person is kind and compassionate.
Citizenship- Demonstrating good citizenship means you advocate for a safe and healthy environment at school and your community.

9 Working Toward a Positive Identity
Recognize you strengths and weaknesses Demonstrate Positive Values Develop a Purpose in your life Form meaningful relationships Avoid unhealthful high-risk behaviors Contribute to the community

10 Have your terms of character changed?
Feel free to share with the class if any of your terms of character have changed since the beginning of this presentation.

11 Lets see your acting skills!!
Group yourselves up into 4 or 5 (depending on class size) I will assign you a trait of character from the Character Counts model You must then create a short skit where that trait is modeled effectively. Don’t be afraid to have funny skits (they must be appropriate!) Everyone in your group must be involved some way.

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