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Show-Me 4-H’ers Character Module 3 The Six Pillars of Character.

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1 Show-Me 4-H’ers Character Module 3 The Six Pillars of Character

2 PILLAR ONE Trustworthiness

3 Even Small Lies and Deceptions Can Topple Towers of Trust Towers of trust are built stone by stone, yet no tower is so tall or so strong that it can stand when lies and deceptions undermine the stones at its base.

4  Integrity  Honesty  Promise-keeping  Loyalty Trustworthiness Embodies Four Ethical Principles

5 Integrity Trustworthiness

6 Integrity is moral wholeness demonstrated by a consistency of:  Thoughts – what we think  Words – what we say  Deeds – what we do  Duties – what we should do Integrity

7 What is right is right even if no one else is doing it. What is wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.

8 Honesty Trustworthiness

9  Do:  Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Be sincere.  Be forthright and candid.  Don’t:  Lie.  Cheat.  Steal.  Be sneaky, tricky or deceptive. Honesty

10 Thank you for caring So,what else have you lied to me about? White lies often look very different from the perspective of the person lied to. THE TEST: Upon learning of the lie, would the person lied to thank you for caring, or feel manipulated or betrayed?

11 Promise-Keeping Trustworthiness

12  Keep your word.  Honor your commitments.  Be dependable — do what you are supposed to do, return what you borrow; pay your debts.  Show up where and when you are supposed to.  Be prepared — do your homework and bring what you need to do your work. Reliability & Promise-Keeping

13 Loyalty Trustworthiness

14 Do  Stand by, stick up for and protect your family, friends, school and country.  Be a good friend.  Look out for those who care about you.  Keep secrets. Don’t  Betray a trust.  Let your friends hurt themselves.  Do anything that is wrong, even for a friend or just so others will like you.  Ask a friend to do anything wrong.  Spread hurtful rumors or gossip. Loyalty

15 Respect PILLAR TWO

16 Two Aspects of Respect  What You Think of Others  How You Treat Others

17 RESPECT Follow the Golden Rule Be tolerant and accept differences Be nonviolent Be courteous

18 PILLAR THREE Responsibility

19 Responsibility requires you to recognize that what you do — and what you don’t do — matters. Responsibility

20 Duty Accountability Pursue Excellence Exercise Self-Control

21 Fairness PILLAR FOUR

22 Fairness Play by the rules Take turns and share Be open-minded; listen to others Don’t take advantage of others Don’t blame others carelessly

23 Fairness is concerned with actions, processes, and consequences that are morally right, honorable and equitable. What is Fairness?

24 1.Fair Notice 2.Impartiality 3.Gathering of the Facts 4.Fair Hearing Procedural Fairness Requires…

25 Substantive Fairness Results — what we decide, the substance of the decision.  The moral obligation is to make fair decisions; this is called substantive fairness.

26 1.Merit 2.Need 3.Might 4.Equality 5.Seniority 6.Effort Six Theories of Substantive Fairness


28 Caring Be kind Be compassionate and show you care Express gratitude Forgive others Help people in need

29  Mean, cruel or insensitive  Selfish or self-centered  Too busy to lend a helping hand A Caring Person Is Not:

30  Concern for others’ well-being  Compassion  Empathy  Kindness  Charity Elements of Caring:

31 Citizenship PILLAR SIX

32 Citizenship Do your share to make your school and community better Cooperate Stay informed; vote Be a good neighbor Obey laws and rules Respect authority Protect the environment

33 The Six Pillars of Character Trustworthiness Respect Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship

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