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8 Landmark Supreme Court Cases

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1 8 Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Government HSA 8 Landmark Supreme Court Cases

2 Protecting Rights Maintaining Order

3 Marbury v. Madison Election of 1800, Jefferson beat Adams
Midnight Appointments not delivered Marbury wanted “writ of mandamus” S.C. Justice Marshall ruled …. Judicial Review Supreme Court has power to review actions and laws of federal government Court corrects conflicts with Constitution

4 McCulloch v. Maryland 1816 Congress chartered Second Bank of U.S.
MD passed law to tax the bank McCulloch, owner of MD Bank refused to pay Believed Congress had no right to make a bank Bank argued state tax interfered with bank

5 McCulloch v. Maryland Bank argued state tax interfered with bank
S.C. Justice Marshall ruled…. “necessary and proper” clause made bank OK Implied Powers States could NOT tax federal banks National Supremacy

6 Plessy v. Ferguson 13th Amendment- Abolished Slavery Southern prejudiced laws “Jim Crow” 1896 Homer Plessy bought train ticket Sat in “White Section”, kicked off train Sued for his rights Supreme Court ruled…. “Separate but equal” facilities for blacks and whites Justified Segregation in U.S.

7 Brown v. Board of Education
Linda Brown, 8 year old girl 5 blocks v. 21 blocks Leave for school 7:40, Arrive at school 9:00 Parents sued school district for unequal rights

8 Brown v. Board of Education
14th Amendment Issue??? Supreme Court Ruled unanimously…. “Separate but equal” unconstitutional Desegregation Decision spurred Civil Rights Movement Ended Segregation of Public places

9 Gideon v. Wainwright Clarence Earl Gideon, penniless drifter
Broke into Florida Pool Hall At trial, Gideon requested a lawyer b/c he couldn’t afford one Court denied Gideon a lawyer

10 Gideon v. Wainwright While in prison, Gideon wrote Supreme Court
Court decided to hear case, and ruled… ALL people have right to a lawyer Gideon found innocent in retrial Many other convicted were also set free

11 Miranda v. Arizona Ernesto Miranda Arrested for rape/kidnapping
Police questioned Miranda confessed Found guilty, jail

12 Miranda v. Arizona No one informed Miranda of his rights
Court ruled police must read 5th Amendment rights to all people arrested Right to remain silent.. Attorney… Anything you say…

13 Tinker v. Des Moines High School Students wore black armbands to protest Vietnam war School officials said “NO” Students suspended Parents sued school Court ruled students “did not shed all their Rights in school” They could wear Arm bands

14 New Jersey v. TLO TLO caught smoking in bathroom by teacher
TLO denied smoking to principal Principal searched her purse and found… Cigarettes Rolling Papers Marijuaina Cash List of people that owed her money

15 New Jersey v. TLO TLO “Search is unconstitutional b/c no warrant”
Court ruled…. While in school, teachers act as parent School officials do not need warrant Only need “reasonable belief”

16 New Jersey v. TLO

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