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Numbers and Abbreviations Uses in academic writing.

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1 Numbers and Abbreviations Uses in academic writing

2 Rules for Numbers 1. Spell numbers that take two words or less a. I have seen that movie five times. b. There are thirty-two students here. c. The college has 562 students.

3 Rules for Numbers continued 2. Be consistent when you use a series a. I ran five kilometres today, ten yesterday and three on Saturday. b. I have only run 18 kilometres so far this year even though last year I ran 3652.

4 Rules for Numbers continued 3. Use numerals for the following items: 1. dates - January 15, 2011 2. times - I have an appointment at 3:20. BUT - I have to leave at three oclock. 3. addresses - 500 College Way, Y1A 5K4 4. percentages - Many programs require 70 percent in English 050. 5. parts of a book - Please turn to Chapter 2 on page 35.

5 Abbreviations Dont use in your academic writing Except in these instances: 1. Mr., Mrs., Dr., Jr., etc a. Dr. Phillips gave Mrs. Smith a prescription for her migraines.

6 Abbreviations continued Dont use except: 2. Time references: a. A.M or p.m. - I woke up at 6 a.m. b. B.C. - The arrowhead is dated at 600 B.C.

7 Abbreviations continued Dont use except in these instances: 3. Initials in a person s name a. Michael J. Fox b. P. Diddy

8 Abbreviations continued Dont use abbreviations except in these situations: 4. Organizations, technical words, company names know by their initials a. NHL, AIDS, CTV, DVD

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