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English I, Unit 1 Mr. David Castillo M. English Teacher.

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1 English I, Unit 1 Mr. David Castillo M. English Teacher.

2 Introducing yourself A: Hi! B: Hi! A: My name’s ______ What’s your name? B: I’m ___________ A: Nice to meet you ____ B: Nice to meet you too.

3 Class rules. 1- Come to class prepared with materials, positive attitude and on time. Students are not allowed to come into the classroom after 15 minutes. 2- Spanish is banned (prohibited) 3- Pay attention and do not talk while the teacher is talking. 4- No personal grooming, electronics, food or drinks (except water) in class. 5- Discuss grades or class expectations after class. 6- No gossip allowed.

4 Teacher instructions. Open your books / Close your books Turn to page… Listen and practice Work in groups of three / Work with a partner Give me your paper/ test Please listen and repeat

5 Unit 1: It’s nice to meet you. Listen, complete and practice. Michael: Hi. My _______ is Michael Ota. Jennifer: I’m Jennifer Miller. Michael: It’s ______ to meet you, Jennifer. Jennifer: Nice to _______ you, too. Michael: I’m sorry. What’s your ______ ______ again? Jennifer: It’s Miller. nice last name meet name

6 Names. First names Last names Jennifer Miller Michael Ota

7 The Name Game Person 1: My name is …….. David Person 2: His name is David. I am Patricia Person 3: His name is David. Her name is Patricia, I am Victor.

8 The Alphabet.

9 How do you spell it? A: What’s you name? B: I’m David A: How do you spell it? B: It’s D – A – V – I –D

10 Saying Hello

11 Situation 1 Lisa: Hi, Matthew. How are you? Matt: Great! How about you, Lisa? Situation 2 Alex: Good Morning, Mr. Garcia. How are you? Mr. Garcia: I’m just fine, Alex. Thank you

12 Situation 3 Ashley: Good afternoon, Brad. How are you? Brad: Not bad, thanks. How are you? Situation 4 Ms. Chen: Good evening, Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Morgan: Hello, Ms. Chen. How are you? Ms. Chen: I’m Ok, thank you.

13 Subject pronouns and Possessive adjectives I My You Your He His She Her We Our They Their

14 Complete these sentences using my / your / his / her. 1. He’s Alex, my classmate. __________ last name is Gonzalez. 2. She’s Mrs. Martinez, my English teacher. __________ first name is Doris. 3. Mary and I are in the same class. She is __________ classmate. 4. Mr. Garcia is my new teacher. __________ first name is Robert. 5. She’s Lisa, a friend from school. __________ last name is Jones. 6. A: Hi. I’m Bob. What’s __________ name? B: __________ name is Alice. 7. A: Daniel, what’s __________ phone number? B: It’s 550 4078.

15 Verb to be. I’m = I am You’re = You are He’s = He is She’s = She is It’s = It is We’re= We are They’re= They are



18 QUESTIONS Yes / No To confirm information Wh- Questions To obtain information Are you married? Who is that man? Yes, I am He is Peter. No, I am not Where are you from? Is he from California? I’m from Mexico Yes, He is No, He is not

19 Complete these conversations using am, is, or are. 1. MARK: Hi, Carol. How ________ you today? CAROL: I ________ just fine, thank you. 2. AMY: Hi. I ________ Amy Jones. I ________ in this class. JOSH: Hi, Amy. It ________ nice to meet you. 3. BOB: What _________ her name? ALEX: It __________ Rose. She _______ in my math class. 4. SAM: _________ you Carol Brown? CAROL: Yes, I _______. SAM: Hi. I ________ Sam Miller. How _______ you today? 5. CHRIS: What _______ your name? LILY: I _______ Lily Diaz. CHRIS: It ________ nice to meet you, Lily. 6. JOHN: Excuse me. ________ you Jennifer Robinson? ALICE: No, I ________ not. Jennifer _________ over there.

20 INTRODUCING YOURSELF ANNE: Hi. My name is Anne Wilson. BRIAN: I’m Brian Harris. ANNE: It’s nice to meet you, Brian. BRIAN: Nice to meet you, too.

21 INTRODUCING SOMEONE LISA: Karen, this is Peter. He’s in our class. KAREN: Hi, Peter. PETER: Hi, Karen. It’s nice to meet you. KAREN: Nice to meet you, too. DANIEL: Joe, this is Ruth. She’s our new classmate. JOE: Hello, Ruth. RUTH: Hi, Joe. It’s nice to meet you. JOE: Nice to meet you, too.

22 NUMBERS 1 One 6 Six 2 Two 7 Seven 3 Three 8 Eight 4 Four 9 Nine 5 Five 10 Ten

23 Practice these numbers Name: Anna Smith Work phone: 201-555-4567 Home phone: 914- 555- 676 Cell phone: 345-555-1023 E-mail:

24 Name: David Robinson Work phone: 370-8114 Home phone: 567-456-3375 Cell phone: 345-568-987 E-mail:

25 Saying Good bye. When you leave someone, you usually say: Good-bye See you soon See you later See you tomorrow When someone goes to bed, you usually say : Good night. You can also say Sleep well. Don’t say Good night when you arrive somewhere, only when you leave (at night).

26 Situation 1 Lisa: See you later, Matthew. Matt: Bye- bye, Lisa. Situation 2 Alex: Good-bye. Have a nice day. Mr. Garcia: See you tomorrow.

27 Situation 3 Kim: Bye, have a good evening. Brad: Thanks, Kim. You, too. Situation 4 Ms Chen: Good night, Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Morgan: Good bye, Ms. Chen.


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