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32.3 Skin – The Integumentary System

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1 32.3 Skin – The Integumentary System
Lesson Overview 32.3 Skin – The Integumentary System

2 THINK ABOUT IT What’s the largest organ in your body?
By far it is the skin.

3 Integumentary System Functions
Includes the skin, hair, and nails. Skin has many functions: most important is protection.

4 Protection skin forms a barrier that blocks diseases and debris
prevents the body from drying out Protection from the sun -Contains melatonin, a dark pigment that absorbs UV rays from the sun Nails protect the tips of fingers and toes -made from skin

5 Body Temperature Regulation
The skin releases extra heat made by working cells, while keeping in enough heat to maintain normal body temperature. Releases sweat on hot days to keep cool Hair helps prevent heat loss from the head.

6 Excretion A small amount of sweat is constantly released from your sweat glands. Sweat contains waste products such as salts that need to be excreted from the body.

7 Information Gathering
The skin is a gateway that sensations such as pressure, heat, cold, and pain are sent from the outside to the nervous system.

8 Vitamin D Production Produces vitamin D
Produced from absorbing sunligh

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