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Writing OGT Test Background Info. & Units Covered.

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1 Writing OGT Test Background Info. & Units Covered

2 About the Test Two writing prompts  One requires you to write a narrative  One requires you to write a persuasive OR expository piece grammar and spelling count! Multiple Choice Portion  editing and proofreading type questions  writing process type questions  knowing your grammar rules will help for this section  last year - there were only 10 multiple choice questions

3 About the Test cont. Short Answer  a bit different from other tests - still 2 points though!  grammar and spelling still count!  last year - there was only one short answer question

4 About the Test cont. You are still given 2 1/2 hours to take the test - even though it is set up differently.  Last year = Approx. 48 points 36 came from writing prompts (18 pts. each) 10 from multiple choice 2 from short answer What is graded?  You are given space for prewriting - however, nothing in this space will be graded. Prewriting is not required - but encouraged to organize your thoughts!  Your final draft must be written in the lined boxes - remember... nothing outside the box.

5 About the Test cont. How is the writing test scored – (your writing prompts)  Content - big part!  Organization - big part!  Use of language  Writing Conventions Grammar and Spelling  This is the one test that grammar and spelling DO count!  Making a mistake can cost you points off of your total score!  I would not recommend using bullet points or any kind of an outline form (like on the other tests), unless instructed to do so - this goes for writing prompts AND short answer!

6 For This Class… Units we will cover until March…  Editing and Proofreading review of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling pronouns and modifiers review subject-verb agreement and verb tenses  Prewriting Topics, brainstorming, free writing, details, outlines Drafting a Piece of Writing audience, formal language, word variety, parallel structure, sentence structure, related ideas, transitions  Persuasive Writing  Narrative Writing  Expository Writing

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