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PROCESSING TARS MAINTENANCE OF WEB SITE Prepared by: Sandra Herrera Tamara Mendoza Alejandra Molinar.

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1 PROCESSING TARS MAINTENANCE OF WEB SITE Prepared by: Sandra Herrera Tamara Mendoza Alejandra Molinar

2 Memorandum:  Concerns for Communication Flaws  IT and Marketing Department address a resolution  Working as a team  Formulate an agenda  Procedures  Positive Attitude  Customer Satisfaction

3 History, Development & Growth of TARS Inc.  Established in 2001 with the goal of giving women the access to all the newest and biggest brands of beauty supplies and cosmetics. We are an online retail business, located at a main office, that serves to connect you with the best brands of cosmetics.  We wanted to bring all the top brands from around the world to one website and make it a lot easier to find and buy your favorite products. Within 5 years the company flourished in sales establishing the business become a successful beauty product and service provider. Foreseeing the growth of the business we've been getting more and more companies to sign on and use our site as an easy locator for their products. We have more than 2,000 cosmetic lines and brands on our site that we provide easy access to our customers and users of the site.  By the start of 2006, sales were grossing one million and have been increasing since then. Providing beauty products globally will be the company’s next goal.  Founders: Sandra, Tamara & Alejandra  Within 5 Years online company flourishes  2006 Sales gross million

4 The TARS Vision  “ TARS visions was to change the way women shop online for beauty products. We wanted to better organize thousands of brands from around the world so they can be easily accessible in one site. TARS became a site where women can come and post review their experience as well as photos of their favorite products purchased through the TARS website.  A future with the goal to provide the best quality product and service to our customers. We will strive for a sustainable team in an environment where people enjoy to work.” “Quality and values will secure our success. We will live by our values, have fun, and take pride in what we do.

5 “Our mission is to provide women everywhere with easy access and information to their favorite beauty and cosmetic products in one web site.”

6 Goals Our goal is not only to keep out customers updated with the newest product lines out on the market but also to continue servicing customer’s needs, provide for our employees, and pursue an efficient, proficient and profitable future. We want to make it easy for anyone to find products all in one easy website.


8 Communication Strategy Provide a new website to communicate successfully with customers. Two departments in charge of the website: Information Technology and Marketing Department. Planned solution strategies in order to maintain successful business and sales. New backup plan installed to safeguard valuable information. Improved relationship bewtween upper management and Marketing Executives and IT.

9  Marketing Department: Producing and updating the information. It is in charge of the image and functionality of the webpage.  Information Technology Department: Notifying the proper parties of the update process and timing. In charge of reducing data loss risks. Take any necessary measure to speed up the process.

10 Communication Challenge  Communication between IT and Marketing is vital for sales. Being a somewhat new company product sales have grown exponentially and the demand on the server updates in line with the IT department as well adding new product lines from the marketing department has heavily burdened our current network server capabilities and website bandwidth. The marketing department has increased the number of contracts with top brands at a tremendous rate, thus causing the IT department to have to work around the clock updating information to all the new product lines as well as the growing number of consumers signing up to our website.

11 The Proposed Solution  Set up weekly or bi-weekly agenda.  Proposal to obtain successful communication:  Analyze previous approaches to web design and content.  Marketing employees working together with IT department to identify communication flaws.  Create a focus group from both departments to promote synergism to dissolve  barriers.

12  Once goals achieved a professional applications for smart phones and tablets will be produced.  Planned resolution; Up-to-date webpage.  Upgrade network server and bandwidth.  New software to implement a backup system to prevent data loss.  Electronic catalog maintained by IT Department.  Marketing executive will arrange and set webpage into a new model and design.

13 Our Conclusion  The company will have to implement strategically solutions to any communication issues. Even though we are currently facing an issue with the amount of data and customers that our current network infrastructure can handle, we will ensure that the marketing department will communicate with the IT department when updating and adding new product lines as well as weekly meetings. The company will continue to provide customers with excellent customer service. Providing our costumers with a good experience as well as high quality customer service is paramount. Easy access and new product and reviews is what has made TARS one of the top beauty online retailer for the past 5 years.

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