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Communication challenges: A case study

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1 Communication challenges: A case study
Apple Inc. Communication challenges: A case study By Fernanda Vazquez and alicia venegas

2 Presentation purpose To provide an overview of Apple Inc. and state a communication problem and provide a solution. Topics Covered: Apple’s Market Purpose Apple’s History Corporation Growth Corporation Performance Description of Communication Problem Communication Problem is Relevant to Sales Solution Offered

3 Apple’s Market purpose
Apple designs Macs, one of the best personal computers in the world. Along with defining the future of computing devices, Apple created a digital music revolution with iTunes and iPods. Apple has also expanded the mobile media with its competitive iPhones.

4 Apple history Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple computer on April 1, 1976, with the release of Apple 1 The company was incorporated on January 3, in Cupertino, California

5 Apple performance In 2012, net income was $13.1 billion.
In 2012, Apple also became the most valuable company in history in terms of market capitalization. The market cap consisted of $62 billion. Interesting Fact: Apple Inc. is worth more than the stock markets of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland together.

6 Corporation Growth Apple stores have expanded from the U.S. all the way to Beijing, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Honk Kong, London, Osaka, Paris, etc. In December 12, 1980, one share of apple stock (APPL) was worth $2.75. Today, Apple stock has reached all the way to $705 in 2012.

7 However, the corporate culture of Apple has hindered employee trust and created a culture of fear within the company.

8 “Secrecy at Apple is not just the prevailing communications strategy, it is baked in the corporate culture.” - “Apple’s Obsession With Secrecy Grows Stronger” by The New York Times

9 Communication problem
Current and past employees have stated that due to the high levels of security in Apple, employees do not easily trust one another. Although it is essential that Apple maintain a level of secrecy, too much secrecy could hinder creativity for projects and promote a corporate culture of fear.

10 Communication problem continued
Apple’s communication challenges may contribute to misleading information from human resources to its workers. Challenges faced in the corporate world may affect its retail stores and affect product sales.

11 Communication problem relevant to sales
Apple’s market tablet share has decreased from 65.5% in the second quarter of 2012 to 50.4% in the third quarter. Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, is gaining market segmentation across the globe. The communication problem of too much secrecy within Apple has fallen all the way down to the retail employees, making sale competency harder.

12 Solution No. 1 Expand the responsibilities of the Human Resource Department 1. The HR Department would separate into teams and handle one specific department within the corporation. 2. The HR Team would be in charge of handling any pay concern or other employee issues. They will provide weekly updates to the executive board.

13 Solution No. 2 Encourage group work to 2- 3 members per project
1. However, this will only be an option to people that have worked at least 7 years in the company. 2. Studies have shown that the longer an employee has worked in a company, the stronger loyalty her or she will feel to the job. This will prevent information leakage.

14 Solution no. 3 Organize motivation seminars after product has been released 1. In order for an employee to remain engaged with his or her work, motivation must come into play. 2. This will give executive officers the change to show appreciation and boost employee work satisfaction, affecting employee turnover rates in the long run.

15 We hope you give our solutions consideration
We hope you give our solutions consideration. Thank you very much for your time.

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