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To Protect What Matters!! Protection Against Computer Virus Unit portfolio presentation by Saira Imtiaz.

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1 To Protect What Matters!! Protection Against Computer Virus Unit portfolio presentation by Saira Imtiaz

2 Unit Summary The project initiates with the idea of securing the computer system against potential virus/ malware attacks. The kick-off phase is the basic understanding of what computer virus is, a theoretical phase. The second phase comprises of performing some activities like finding and detecting the viruses in the system. The last and the most important phase is getting rid of the viruses already existing and making the system secure for future virus attacks.

3 My Goals for the course Preparing for the battle against virus attacks. Understand the concept of different malwares like Virus, Worms, Adware etc. Become aware of the source of these attacks. Get to know the defense strategies against these attacks. Detect existing viruses in the computer systems. Use any defensive software to remove the existing virus and protect the computer system from future attacks.

4 Gauging Student Need Assessment – Purpose of the Assessment – To gather information about what students already know about security threats, malwares and protection against them. – What I want to learn from my students? – I want to find out whether my students know any technique for protecting their data and information – How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking? – I ask students to search out possible ways to get protection against these malwares. Find out the best one. – How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit? – This assessment will help me know the skills and knowledge they have about the malware and anti malware software. This will help me to design different activities for them. This assessment will also motivate students to start exploring the unit topic

5 Goals for my students At the end of this project, Students will be able to :  Identify the possible and probable cause of computer viruses.  Detect the viruses.  Removing the viruses.  Protecting against future attacks.

6 Curriculum Framing Questions Essential Question  Why is there a need to protect the computer system against viruses? Unit questions:  Why is it important to protect the data that matters?  What are the possible ways for data protection?  How to find out best anti malware software and to use it for virus scanning? Content Questions  What are main sources of viruses?  What harms can be done if viruses go undetected?  To what extent are we ready to allow viruses affect our systems?  Is there any way to secure the computer system completely?

7 Assessment Timeline Before project work begins Student work on Project and complete tasks After project work is completed Understanding the concepts of computer security and some common security threats, malware Knowledge to identify the cause, sources and effect of the virus Report after identifying the viruses existing in the system Knowledge of top effective anti viruses, downloading, installing and removing the malware from the computer Project Completion Report Presenting And sharing theproblems, findings and solutions of the project Ability to update Antivirus for future protection purposes Ability to enhance computer security using other techniques like firewall for future consideration

8 Assessment Summary The first phase of assessment comprises of the test of the concepts. The students will have to submit their reports after every activity they perform. The activities include identifying the viruses, learning about viruses and their effects on the data and information stored in the computer system. The final stage of the project deals with the removing any existing malwares from the system and protecting from future attacks.


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