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Washington DC Student Project Unit Portfolio Presentation By Terri Lackey.

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1 Washington DC Student Project Unit Portfolio Presentation By Terri Lackey

2 Unit Summary This unit takes a look at Word processing concepts using multiple technologies for everyday office situations.

3 Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Question How can you use Microsoft Office Word & the Internet to enhance your academic and career skills? Unit Question What types of documents in Word can you use to effectively communicate information? Content Questions How do you put together acquired research in a business document?

4 Washington DC Project This project will help my students develop 21 st century skills by: Use digital technology, communication tools and/or networks appropriately to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in order to function in a knowledge economy. (21st Century Skill)

5 Gauging Student Needs Assessment Purpose of the Assessment To gather information about what students already know and what they wonder about Washington DC sites. What I want to learn from my students? I want to find out what they already know about the Unit Question and what they know about Washington DC. How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking? I ask students to think about the various types of Word documents they know how to use and how they can display information effectively. How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit? If students have misconceptions about how to use various types of documents in Word, I can provide scaffolds. If students have different levels of understanding about how to come up with possible internet sites, I can provide various resources. We will revisit this assessment throughout the unit for students to add their knowledge. What feedback or additional ideas I’d like? I would like help on my assessment. I think I need to elicit more higher-order thinking, but I’m not sure how.

6 My Goals for the Course Find ways to get my students more interested in learning various forms of Technology with real life projects Learn about different kinds of technology my students and I can use Share ideas with other teachers

7 Goals for My Students To become more independent learners To learn how administrative assistants use technology in their jobs

8 Request for Feedback Ideas for helping students take more responsibility for their own learning Ideas for utilizing technology so students can collaborate and share information.

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