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1 Project Manager Report Andy Nichols, STFC MICE Collaboration Meeting, RAL, June 2009.

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1 1 Project Manager Report Andy Nichols, STFC MICE Collaboration Meeting, RAL, June 2009

2 MICE CM24 Contents: Progress & highlights August shutdown Planning for Phase Two Organisational things 2

3 3 Progress & Highlights Two crucial topics are going pretty well: Decay solenoid Addition of MLI successful Has held 900 amps for one hour Minor problem with compressor chiller right now Robust plan exists for working solenoid for September running More later I’m sure And the target Re-engineered design is complete and drawings all done Manufacturing techniques identified and contractors selected Parts now in manufacture Still on schedule for end July Meeting to discuss integration with ISIS on June 17 th See Jason’s talk later......

4 Progress and Highlights Infrastructure mechanical –Now drawing to a close! –False floor complete –All walkways done –All galleries done –Rolling platform for step II installed –Air conditioning commissioned except for minor changes to pullies –We will stop using term ‘infrastructure’ –Integration of steps I – V instead –Main air compressor installed and nearly wired 4

5 Progress and Highlights Infrastructure Electrical –DL & contract staff have made huge progress, despite necessarily limited UK manpower allocation: –All cable routes, specifications etc have been designed and drawn – we now have a clear starting point –Installation of tray work and trunking for the above making good progress –Air compressor wiring also going well –PPS system has lower priority at present, but not a worry just now –Design and specification of 2MVA transformer upgrade is largely done, ready to negotiate with Operations Board as a non-MICE cost –Support for DL RF project, liquid hydrogen and spectrometer solenoid operation also in progress 5

6 Progress and Highlights As part of the infrastructure project’s conclusion, R5.2 will ‘shut down’ during all of June, so that we can do: –Main lighting upgrade (much needed, current situation bordering on dangerous) –Installation of blue lighting (radiation hazard areas) –Fire detection and protection installation (legal requirement) –Floor sealing and painting –Painting and decoration of walls and ceiling This is so Step I and Step II can be done in ‘clean’ conditions – important for tracker readout and other gear –Please bear with us during June, back to normal on 6 th July –See Tim Hayler talk in engineering session 6

7 Progress and Highlights Spectrometer solenoid #1 –Some problems with cooldown at manufacturer –Suspected leak in one vent tube –Currently being investigated/fixed –No indication of schedule implication yet –Hope to gain some insight this week from Steve & Mike AFC module –Coil former difficulties now solved, but at expense of envelope problem for absorber pipework –Solution put forward by Shigeru, Wing and Mike –Agreed by TB recently –More cost and delay –Critical that this is followed up with Tesla 7

8 August shutdown 17 th August – 2 nd September Probably most important period this year, we have to: Assure ourselves the Decay solenoid is fully operational Remove the synchrotron shielding Install the target Reposition D1 magnet & test Very tight, access dependent on ISIS cooldown Might have to work shifts Willie & Co are well prepared Additional University and STFC staff available 8

9 Planning for Phase Two Many thanks to those who contributed to the cost and schedule review – a boring and difficult job We still have some work to do, but have a much better idea of what the constraints on the project are Phase Two has to face some difficult facts Right now we seem to be driven by three main influences: Scope of UK funding Delivery schedule of major subsystems The ISIS user run schedule What it might mean in practical terms, still much discussion to be had of course.......... 9

10 Planning for Phase Two UK allocation fy 09/10 only allows us to build: Re-instated Step I Install Step II Complete the infrastructure, PPS and electrical work Manpower is cut severely, University staff brought in to help, but dismantling a successful team is a huge risk..... Delivery of major subsystems Also a worry, no real information yet, but are planning on spectrometer solenoid at RAL in Autumn 2009, given 3-4 months integration, it begins to fit with the above Pure conjecture on my part at present, but Focus Coil module #1 looks like Easter 2010 – already points to significant Step IV delay 10

11 Organisational things Thanks to Willie & Co, the Hall organisation continues to run very well Noticeable improvement to CDM rule adherence by visitors and contractors – well done everyone During June, Andy will deputise for Willie Message to the MOMs: Block advance booking at Ridgeway House is getting difficult Rose has opportunity to advance book rooms in Chilton for all likely MOM & visitor requirements, what do you all think? I’ll get opinions during CM Will soon have re-chargeable cost code for each MOM institute – hopefully make transport, etc easier 11

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