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1 MICE PM Report General Update –Phase I civil engineering –R5.2 in June –Phase II design work –Phase II hardware –A few questions –Schedule, milestones.

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1 1 MICE PM Report General Update –Phase I civil engineering –R5.2 in June –Phase II design work –Phase II hardware –A few questions –Schedule, milestones & risks –Conclusions Andy Nichols, MICE VC, 9 th April, 2009

2 2 Phase One Engineering All the heavy work is done, walls, floor and galleries, nothing in the way now! Air conditioning making good progress, believe we can finish by 30 th April before warm (almost) weather starts Compressed air system mostly done, will be ready for step II, electrical connection plan now finalised PPS hardware installation has slowed – must finish by September PPS accreditation with ISIS is taking some time LH2 project has made good progress – hardware manufacture is freed up, vent system design agreed with safety people, believable plan to meet Step IV

3 R5.2 in June We have to clean and re-decorate the Hall before Step II hardware is installed And we have to install lighting upgrade, blue lighting and fire detection/alarms For both these tasks the cranes will be out of use and contract staff will need free reign in the Hall So, the installation staff will take a holiday for all of June Andy will be deputy Principal Contractor MOM can probably also take a holiday if they wish Aim to be done by 1 st July for Step II integration to begin 3

4 Phase Two design work 3D CAD Assembly of MICE is complete Is now being used to generate all the geometry and installation drawings for each MICE step All electrical service runs and trunking in R5.2 have been designed and drawn – huge effort by DL staff, many thanks to them Contact has been established with Franck Cadoux for EMR integration 4

5 Phase Two hardware Good progress: –First spectrometer solenoid in final fabrication, cooldown either started or imminent. ETA at RAL still end June –AFC module #1 – technical issues with coil former now fully solved, some detail questions about cold mass location and fiducials, but not on critical path, ETA Feb 2010 with #2 following in six months –Diffuser – in final stages of mechanical testing at Oxford, ETA at RAL end May –RFCC – New vendor in China selected, contract not signed yet, but soon –Bellows spools (now at RAL) need some holes opening ~ 2-3mm, easier to do at RAL, but need go ahead from LBNL 5

6 A few questions: Before Step III drawings are completed, need to clarify that solenoid coils are 830mm apart, not 800. This is to allow solid absorber to fit It would seem better to locate spectrometer #2 in its final place for Step II (but allowing it to move in Z for subsequent steps of course) Minimises movement of cold solenoid Saves money and space Access for integration is preserved by moving spectrometer #1 as planned Don’t have to worry about detail yet: Tim will make proposal at CM24 Is there a TOF2 shield? Given size & complexity of TOF 1 shield, it’d be good to know early on 6

7 Schedule, Milestones & risks Most of us have been busy with cost & schedule data for end April funding agency meetings In general we have most of the important information Put very simply: Step II (and re-instated Step I) – running late 2009 Step III - running Spring 2010 Step IV – running Summer 2010 Currently our horizon is limited by the ISIS TS1 moderator change – practically a shutdown from August 5 th, 2010 till March 2011 – crucial to get Step IV before then Four main risks: Subsystems (AFC & spectrometer) are late UK installation staff budget inadequate 2MVA substation upgrade not done in time – reliant on non-MICE funding Recurring problems with target & Decay solenoid 7

8 Conclusions This calender year is really dominated by three things only: –Working Target –Ditto decay solenoid –Delivery of spectrometer solenoid In June Our integration and running schedule is simply built around these events And at the moment it all looks convincing! 8

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