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 As you are waiting… ◦ Please write down your e-mail address on the sheet at your student’s table. ◦ Please feel free to look around the room or through.

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1  As you are waiting… ◦ Please write down your e-mail address on the sheet at your student’s table. ◦ Please feel free to look around the room or through the packet. ◦ Then just get comfortable! WELCOME!

2 Welcome to Mr. Bremer’s 4 th Grade Class

3  I grew up in a small town in Indiana.  Graduated from Purdue  Taught two years in Indianapolis.  Married this past March. A little bit about myself…

4  Reading  Language  Math  Science  Social Studies Curriculum

5  We will focus on a variety of reading strategies throughout the year: predicting, inferences, problem and solution, summarizing, main idea and details, plot structure, etc.  We will also be working on content vocabulary, fluency, and text structures.  COMMON CORE! Reading

6  There will be different themes throughout the year. Students will be working with a lot of nonfiction and comparing/contrasting to fictional works.  We will be working with many different helpers. Aides, Mrs. Mahoney, etc... Reading II

7  Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes a night.  Students fill this assignment in their agenda. I would like you to sign by this!  Students will have a quarterly points goal and percentage goal. There are rewards for students who meet this goal. Reading –A.R.

8  Students reading grade will include their AR average from their test scores.  There will be time for AR tests/reading almost every day. Reading –A.R. II

9  The language grade will consist of spelling, grammar, DOL, and writing.  We will have Writer’s Workshop every day.  Final writing assignments count as project grades. (I will get into the weight of each type of assignment later in presentation.) Language

10  We will be using a research based program called Words their Way. (See note in handout)  Words their Way is an individually based program. There will have two different groups. We will take a pre-test for this tomorrow. Spelling

11  Students will be given ten words on Monday that follow a particular pattern. (transport, support…)  We will practice with these words and other words as well that have that spelling pattern the whole week.  Students will have a contract in which they will have to complete certain spelling tasks each week. Spelling Format

12  Students will take a test every Friday on the ten words from Monday and on ten other words that have the same spelling pattern.  They will also have a test on 5 high frequency words that will be in their spelling folder.  The students will be given their spelling folder on Monday. Spelling Format II

13  Students will be writing in their writer’s notebook daily. I will incorporate mini-lessons that will help them to write narrative, persuasive, and expository pieces.  We will also be practicing how to answer short response questions and preparing for ISAT extended response. Writing

14  Students need to know basic +, -, & x facts. Practice at home with flashcards. Student’s will be working on our “Fast Math” program daily. They should master multiplication by the end of 4 th grade.  Topics of Study: geometry, place value, multiplication, division, decimals, estimation, powers of 10, fractions, perimeter, area, percents, symmetry, reflections, weight, volume, capacity, and rates. Math

15  There is a student reference book (SRB) that students may bring home to help with homework. Study Links (ie: SL 1.8) will be given almost every night. These cover skills that we went over in class that day. Math II

16  Each student has an Everyday Math account. This is a great place to get extra help and play math games.  Our curriculum (Everyday Math) is correlated with Illinois State Standards and Common Core Standards. Math III

17  Units of Study: Magnetism and Electricity, Rock and Minerals, and Structures of Life.  Foss Science is a hands-on curriculum in which students are actively involved in their learning.  We will read and go work with the material in class. Tests will be based off of what we do in class, the readings, and the vocabulary. Science

18  This year we are using the Social Studies Alive series. The units we will be studying are: Geography of the U.S.A. Government Regions of the U.S.A. Illinois History  Students are expected to know all states and capitals by the end of 4th grade. Social Studies

19  I am not picky when it comes to handwriting, but I MUST BE ABLE TO READ IT!  All work is done in PENCIL! No assignments should be done in colored pencil, crayons, pens, etc. Handwriting

20  Students will be given a grade based on completed homework assignments and reading records.  Homework is 20% of final grade. Homework

21  If they do not turn in their work, or it is incomplete ~an incomplete work slip will be sent home. It needs to be signed and brought back the next day.  During the incomplete work session, your child will complete the assignment. Once it is complete, their grade may be raised to no higher than an 80%.  Missing work sessions – 2:30-3:00. Missing Homework

22  Each student will receive one homework “SLIDE” per grading period. This can be used if an assignment is left at home, incomplete, lost, eaten by the dog.  Only one slide will be given each grading period. The students tell me if they need to use their slide and I keep a record on my computer. Homework Slides

23  Reading - 20 minutes a night  Any work not finished in school (Math, Language, Reading)  All assignments will be started in school. If students use time wisely, most of the assignments should be finished/almost finished in class. What will 4 th Grade Homework Be?

24  If your child needs extra help with anything we are doing in school they can always stay after school for an extra help session.  2:30-3:00  In order for them to stay they need to fill out an extra help slip and have it signed by you before they will be allowed to stay. This way there is an official copy in the office. OR, they can call you and confirm with the office. Student Needs Extra Help

25  Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 50%  Classwork – 30%  Homework – 20% (please have child complete their OWN homework) Total – 100% Four report cards a year – progress reports halfway through each grading period. Grade Breakdown

26  Students will write down assignments each night – even if they are completed or done in class. I will not always sign every notebook!  They will have a check mark next to homework they have done.  Please initial at the bottom of their assignment notebook showing that they have finished the day’s assignments. Assignment Notebook

27  Please do not empty the take home folder without your child. Let your child empty their own folders. They should be using the take home/return to school sides correctly.  Your child is responsible for the folder and keeping it organized. I will not do it for them. Take Home Folders

28  Students will be given their graded papers back on Monday.  They will also have a weekly note that shows how many times they signed the binder for behavior and any D’s or F’s.  I will not fill in A’s, B’s, and C’s. Feel free to fill in with your student. Weekly Notes and Papers

29  Students will participate in a mini-economy. ◦ Students will get paychecks every two weeks for their jobs. ◦ Can also earn bonuses for their work in school. ◦ Students will also pay rent.  Mr. Bremer’s Store ◦ Variety school items that students can purchase with tickets. ◦ Helps to emphasize importance of saving and keeping things organized. Mini-Economy

30  Used to keep track of weekly behavior.  1 st signature = warning  2 nd signature = stand for 5 minutes for recess  3 rd signature = stand for recess  4 th signature = stand for recess/ phone call or email home  5 th signature = detention Binder System

31 31 Fines  Students will be fined any time they sign the binder. This will be collected on Fridays  Students can be fined for: ◦ Dishonesty/Disrespectful to Adults/Teachers ◦ Rudeness ◦ Missing work ◦ Off-task behavior/talking ◦ Hallway/bathroom misbehavior

32  Once a month ◦ Book orders that come home can be sent back with order & payment  Checks make payable to Scholastic Book Clubs  Cash? Send exact amount Book Orders

33  Please take a moment on your way out or to your next classroom to stop by the gym and sign your family up for the Winthrop Harbor PTO (Parent Teacher Organization).  They do SO much for our students and run solely on volunteers.  They are hoping for 100% participation! Where to now?

34 Feel free to look around the room. Thanks for your Time!

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