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Welcome to our 4 th grade class! Mr. Matt Brooks.

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1 Welcome to our 4 th grade class! Mr. Matt Brooks

2 Reading Series 6 Themes – At the end of each theme there is a theme test that covers skills learned. The first theme that we are currently in is entitled “Journeys”.

3 Reading (con’t.) ‏ AR Component – After each story we read in the Reading Anthology, students can take an AR test. Students Reading grade will include their highest AR test taken during each grading period. The book must be in their reading level. We will have a time for AR reading/tests every day.

4 Reading instruction will consist of a combination of whole group and small group. During whole group instruction I will be team teaching with Ms. Barkley. Reading (con’t.) ‏

5 We will be doing book reports throughout the year. Each report will explore a different genre. Books must be in their AR level. We will work on each book report for about four weeks. The projects will be triple weighted to reflect the time spent working on them. Reading (con’t.) ‏

6 Language The Language grade will consist of grammar, spelling, punctuation, dictionary skills, and writing. Spelling – The list will be introduced with a pre-test. Students receiving a 100% will be exempt from taking the final test. There will be a few weeks throughout the year with no spelling tests.

7 Language (con’t.) ‏ Spelling (Con’t.) - There will be 25 words on most spelling lists. This includes the 5 challenge words. Correct letter formation counts on spelling tests, including dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

8 Language (con’t.) ‏ Writing – This year we are continuing with the “Writers Workshop” program. We will work on writing skills for roughly an hour each day.

9 Language (con’t.) ‏ Writing – There are 3 main types of writing that we will be working on: Personal Narrative Essay Fiction

10 Science This year we are again using the Foss science series. It is a hands-on, activity based series. Your child will have many opportunities to work in small groups throughout the year during science investigations.

11 Science Units of Study Magnetism and Electricity Earth Materials Structures of Life

12 Social Studies This year we are again using the Social Studies Alive series. The units we will be studying are: Geography of the U.S.A. Government Regions of the U.S.A. Illinois History

13 Math Practice 0-10 X facts at home with flashcards. We will again be using the “Fast Math” program at school to learn math facts. Topics of Study: Geometry, Multiplication & Division, Decimals, Estimation, Angle Measurement, Fractions, Perimeter & Area, Percents, Weight/Volume/Capacity, & Symmetry, Time...

14 Math (Con’t.) ‏ There is a math reference book that students have if they need help. They may take it home. Also, this year the reference book is online! Math is everywhere! Help your child by playing board games, let them pay for things at the store, find shapes while driving, etc.

15 Handwriting Assignments may be written in print or cursive. Assignments that I can not read will not be accepted.

16 Classroom Info

17 Homework Students will be given a grade based on completed homework assignments, in class work, reading record,. If they do not turn in their work, or it is incomplete, an incomplete work slip will be sent home. It needs to be signed and brought back the next day. During the incomplete work session, your child will complete the assignment. Once it is complete, their grade may be raised to no higher than an 80%.

18 Homework (cont.) ‏ Each student will receive one homework “SLIDE” per grading period. This can be used if an assignment is left at home, incomplete, lost, eaten by the dog.......... Only one slide will be given each grading period, and it is the student's responsibility to hold on to it. “Slides” are only valid for the current grading period.

19 Homework (cont.) ‏ If your child needs extra help with anything we are doing in school they can always stay after school for an extra help session. These run from 2:30-3:00. In order for them to stay they need to fill out an extra help slip and have it signed by you before they will be allowed to stay. This way there is an official copy in the office.

20 Grading I calculate grades in each subject by having tests/quizzes/finished essays count as a double grade. Homework counts as a single grade. Some assignments only receive a “check” as complete. In my grade book this appears as an *. If you check grades on- line, an * unfortunately appears as a missing assignment. If you are unsure if an assignment is missing or “checked”, just ask.

21 Grading (cont.) Most assignments from the week will be sent home on Friday in the “Friday Folder”. Please sign the folder each week to let me know that you received the papers!!

22 Assignment Notebook Students should be writing all assignments in their assignment notebook. I am encouraging them to check off assignments as they are completed. Everyday I will allow class time to write assignments down as I write them on the board. Please check that they are writing their assignments in their notebook everyday. The assignment notebook is a great way to send me a quick note if the need arises.

23 District Website This year we have a new Winthrop Harbor School District Website. The address is: I will be putting the homework assignments on the website daily. Check the site often for updates and important information.

24 Book Orders I will hand out a Scholastic book order every month. Occasionally we will do a computer software order. Checks – Make payable to the Scholastic Book Club. Cash- Please send exact amount.

25 Contact Info. You may contact me via school phone at 847/872- 5438. You can also email me at: IF I DON'T REPLY TO YOUR EMAIL WITHIN A DAY, PLEASE CALL ME!!!!! It probably got blocked or is in the trash. If there is a serious problem please call or come in rather than email me.

26 Conferences Wednesday November 9 th from 3:00-8:00 Thursday November 10th from 8:00-10:00

27 Snacks We will have a snack time each day around 1:00. Please make the snacks HEALTHY!! Our district’s wellness policy states that food students bring in needs to be healthy and includes classroom holiday parties. We are also asking that treats and drinks do not come in this year for birthdays. We will still celebrate the celebrate, just not with food.

28 Helpers/Party Sign-up Please sign-up to bring (Healthy) treats for a party if you can. I will be in touch with you to confirm. Thank you! Each child needs to bring in $5.00 to help cover the cost of our parties, crafts, and classroom supplies.

29 Where to now? When we are finished you can go to the gym for information on signing your child up for Cub Scouts. There is also information on the Accelerated Reader program. PTO information and sign-up is there as well.

30 THANK YOU !!!

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