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Clergy Financial Resources Church Payroll Solutions.

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1 Clergy Financial Resources Church Payroll Solutions

2 Are you either… Paying a lot for payroll services? Spending too much time on payroll? Tired of your church or payroll provider not understanding the tax laws designed for churches and clergy?

3 Affordable Our payroll solutions are affordably priced for churches of all sizes. Our basic package is designed for churches with only 1 employee. Manage payroll through your PC You can submit your payroll data directly online at your convenience. Simplify your payroll process We manage the intricacies of clergy / staff payroll and tax reporting related to taxable and non- taxable earnings. Once you enter your payroll data online, we'll handle the tax deductions, deposits, calculations and filings. Peace of mind We ensure your payroll meets taxation regulations, including the special W-2 reporting rules for clergy. This reduces the risk and liabilities for your church. Have clergy tax experts to guide you When you need to speak to someone, our payroll and tax specialists understand your special needs. Save Time and Money Dramatically decreases the time the church staff or volunteers are needed to management the church payroll. Compared to your current costs (including cost of labor), we can provide you with significant saving in your payroll processing. Benefits of Church Payroll Solutions

4 We provide: Each payday, just provide us with employee hours and we’ll take care of the rest We Make Paydays Easy and Accurate Direct Deposit with detailed pay stubs Support for wide range of pay types Sick, vacation and holiday pay accruals Federal, state and local tax calculations Voluntary deduction calculations Online employee access to paystubs Contractor payments Multi-state payroll 100% accuracy guarantee

5 This includes: You never have to worry about upcoming tax obligations… we take care of everything. We Handle All Your Federal and State Taxes Federal Tax Deposits Quarterly 941 s Annual 940 s and 944 s Employee W-2 s 1099-MISC Filing State Tax Deposits Quarterly State Tax Forms Annual State Tax Forms

6 You’ll get easy to understand, detailed reports so you will always be current on payroll information. We Provide Easy-to-Read Reports Our detailed reports include: Payroll Summary Paycheck Details Deductions Last Paycheck Employee Details Contractor Details Tax Liability Tax and Wages Total Pay Tax Payments Vacation and Sick Leave Total Cost Retirement Plans Contractor Payments

7 Fixed monthly cost Free direct deposit 12 month pricing guarantee Clergy tax and payroll experts available by phone or email Set-up and enrollment is a breeze No extra charge for 941 payroll reporting No extra charge for year-end W2 forms Clergy payroll Support Employees can view or print their pay stubs or payroll history online Staff training We guarantee your overall satisfaction Risk-Free 6 month money back guarantee Full service tax management, including filing and paying federal, state, and local taxes Personal church and clergy payroll account executive Church and employee online payroll account 24/7 Why use our payroll service for your religious organization?

8 Contact us to schedule a payroll appointment today. You’ll be delighted with the results! Church Payroll Solutions a division of Clergy Financial Resources Phone: 763.425.8778 Get Started Today!

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