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All about me Aerin.

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1 All about me Aerin

2 My friends madi food steak pizza Chinese tacos color purple orange
categories Tatum Taylor Amanda holly madi Breanne food steak chocolate pizza ice cream Chinese tacos color purple orange lime green pink green animal tiger puppy penguin dogs monkeys frog

3 My pets I have a dog and a cat. My cats name is coco. And my dogs name is buddy.

4 My family In my family I have a mom a dad a brother one cat and one dog. Me and my family like to go camping.

5 my favorite animals my favorite animals are monkeys, dogs and cats. I have one dog and one cat.

6 Brendan (my brother) My brother Brendan likes to play football.
He also likes camping. He likes playing other sports to Airsoft paintball He is 12 about to turn 13 His favorite animal is a dog

7 Stuff about me I am 11 about to turn 12 My favorite sport is soccer
My favorite color is blue My favorite food is and chocolate

8 What I like to do My favor it thing to do is play soccer. I also like art and listen to my iPod.

9 What do I do hen I am not at school
I like to text my friends And get on the computer. I also like to play soccer in my Back yard

10 Places I want to go I have always wanted to go to Ireland.
I also want to go to Scotland kind of

11 My favorite food My fave food is chocolate
My second fave food is popcorn

12 My fave song my favorite song is teardrops on my guitar. It is by Taylor swift. I also like the song all American girl. that song by Carrie Underwood.

13 What I want to be when I grow up
I want to be an artist.

14 PLACES I HAVE BEEN I have been to Colorado Arkansas Kansas city

15 People I care for Taylor Tatum Brendan dad Mom grandparents

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