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All About Me Ava.

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1 All About Me Ava

2 The Story Behind My Name
Ava Raquel was chosen for Ava because it sound good and supposedly means little bird. My mom and dad wanted to give me a short name because I already have a long last name

3 Facts About Me Name Ava Gothenquist Born KirkLand,Washington
Birth date January Lived 7 years 2 Months Bothell Washington U.S.A.

4 My Family My Name Ava Raquel Gothenquist My Family Mom Carol Dad Rudy
Sisters Ashley and Sydney Dogs name Yetie Cats names Thunder

5 My Favorite Things To Do
Hobbies Art Activities: Riding my bike Sport: soccer, Cheerleading, Hip hop Movie: Frozen TV: Sam & Cat

6 What I Want To Do When I Grow Up
Chief Technology Officer because I like to do fun stuff on the computer. I am also good at math.

7 My Favorites Food: ice cream, cherries, strawberries and pizza
Color: light blue Movie: Frozen Subject in School: PE and recess Song: “Let It Go”

8 Describing Words About Me
Girly clever I Funny

9 My Favorite Sisters We love each other

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