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All About Me By Tori My name is Tori. I am 11 years old. I am in fifth grade. About Me.

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2 All About Me By Tori

3 My name is Tori. I am 11 years old. I am in fifth grade. About Me

4 I live at home with my dad, mom, sister, and dog. I have my own room. My parents are both the same age. My little sister is seven, and my dog is three. My Family

5 Some of my favorite things are, playing with my dog, watching tv, playing games on my ipod, 3DS, and xbox, and riding my bike. I also like to hang out with friends, playing baseball, and swimming. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. My favorite snack is popcorn. My favorite color is blue. My Favorite Things

6 My house isn’t the biggest, but it isn’t the smallest. I have my own room. I have a loft bed in my room. My basement is really big. My mom and dad share a room right across the hall from me. My little sister’s room is next to mine. We have a wii in the living room and an xbox in my room. My House

7 My favorite animal is a dog. My dog, Buddy, is the first dog I have ever owned. He is a beagle. My favorite breed of dog is a beagle. Buddy loves when I take him on walks. He doesn’t play fetch, but he’ll at least catch the toy I throw. My Favorite Animal

8 My favorite subject in school is PE. It’s my fovorite because we get to play different sports all year round. I also like science because I think it’s cool how we can learn things by doing fun activities. My Favorite Subjects

9 My favorite books are, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. It is the best series I have ever read. The movie of The Hunger Games was really good too. My Favorite Books

10 When I have spare time I like to make things out of duct tape. I only use duck brand tape because they have a bunch of different colors, printed designs, and they even have big sheets of duct tape. They also have packaging tape. My Hobby

11 I like to listen to all kinds of music. One of my favorite songs is Party Rock Anthem. I also like to listen to other music. I don’t listen to music that often. My Favorite Kind of Music

12 My favorite tv show is Adventure Time. The main characters are Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. It takes place in the land of Ooh. They help people in need. The other characters are, LSP, PB, Ice King, and Gunther. dventureime My Favorite Tv Show

13 Places I want to go are Disney World, Disney Land, Six Flags, and many more. I have been to Disney World once but that was just for a day. I have also been to Wisconsin Dells. I’ve gone three times. It was really fun and I want to go again. I love going to all the water parks. Places I want to Go

14 When I grow up I want to work for Apple. I want to help design new iPods, iPhones, iPads, and all of that kind of stuff. I could help come up with different colors like a blue iPod, or a purple iPhone. I’m really good with computers and all electronics. What I Want to Be

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