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Workplace Well being Charter Sharon Lindop Coventry City Council Business Investment Team.

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1 Workplace Well being Charter Sharon Lindop Coventry City Council Business Investment Team

2 Background of the Charter The Workplace Wellbeing Charter was designed and developed in Liverpool in 2010. The model was adopted as the national model and endorsed by Dame Carol Black the National Director for Health and Work. The Charter is now recognised across the UK and being actively delivered in many areas.

3 Coventry & Warwickshire Charter The Charter has been adapted from the National Charters framework to include local resources and guidance. Two new standards on Disability and Work Life Balance/Flexible Working have been included. A Charter logo and branding has been designed. A Health Champion Workshop has been developed and delivered to support and encourage businesses with workplace health and wellbeing programmes.

4 Overview of the Charter Demonstrates the organisations commitment to the health and well being of their workforce. It provides a clear set of standards that have been agreed nationally. Addresses key health issues within the workplace. With a focus on leadership, culture and communication. Aimed at organisations of any size

5 Overview of the Charter It comes in three levels: relevant to the size of organisation. Each containing different standards that need to be achieved. COMMITMENT (Up to 50 employees) This level demonstrates a real commitment by small organisations ACHIEVEMENT (Up to 250 employees) This is a good achievement for medium sized organisations. EXCELLENCE (Over 250 employees) Large organisations should strive for this level.

6 Charter Standards Leadership Attendance Management Health and Safety Mental Health and Well-being Smoking and Tobacco-related ill health Physical activity Healthy eating Alcohol and Substance Misuse Disability and Well-being Work life balance and Flexible Working

7 The process The organisation register their interest to the Charter and identifies a health champion to lead. Agree their approach and carry out the self assessment against the standards framework. Draw up an action plan and time scales. Support Go for accreditation - collate evidence Assessment – on site verification of evidence Charter Award

8 Registered Organisations

9 Organisations achievements 9 organisations have achieved the Charter Award to date George Wilson Industries, Edgetech, Fab & Fix British Horse Society, Network Rail Coventry IKEA, Brett Martin, Mission Foods Tommie’s Childcare Ltd 3 organisations have received certificates as working towards the Charter Awards. Coventry City Council Henley College Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

10 What Organisations have to say “ Obtaining an external recognised award for the work we have done on health and well-being is of great value to the Society and the results are measurable. The Charter has helped us to be clear about what standards need to be achieved and what we can do to work towards them.” “Working towards the Health and Well-being Charter has been a really enjoyable process. I now feel more confident to push forward the Health and Well-being programme knowing we have the accreditation the Charter.” Working towards the Workplace Well-being Charter has provided us with the focus we needed to improve the health and well-being of our workforce further. It identified areas we had previously missed and opportunities for improvement.

11 Next Steps The Council has committed to continue to deliver the Workplace Charter as one of the tools to help address health inequalities. Business Engagement Strategy - explore new ways to engage businesses. Development of a support service Continuation and development of the Health Champion training programme. Collaborative working both internally and with neighbouring councils and organisations.

12 Contact Details Thank you for listening For further information and to download the Charter Standards visit Sharon Lindop Tel: 024 7683 2787 Email:

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