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Congressional Committees By: Julian Mullen. House Committees Jurisdiction.

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1 Congressional Committees By: Julian Mullen

2 House Committees Jurisdiction

3 Science  General and special investigative authority on all matters within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.  Legislative jurisdiction and general oversight and investigative authority on all matters relating to science policy and science education.  Governs matters relating to space policy, space commercialization.  Has jurisdiction over the policies of government operated labs.  Operates national presence of international space cooperation.

4 Energy and Commerce  oversee general national energy policy.  general interstate and foreign commerce.  consumer protection relating to the exploration, production, storage, supply, marketing, pricing and regulation of energy resources and development.  maintains principal responsibility for legislative oversight relating to telecommunications, consumer protection, food and drug safety, public health, air quality and environmental health, the supply and delivery of energy, and interstate and foreign commerce in general.  This jurisdiction extends over five Cabinet-level departments and seven independent agencies—from the Department of Energy, Health and Human Services, the Transportation Department to the Federal Trade Commission, Food and Drug Administration, and Federal Communications Commission.

5 International Relations  national security developments affecting foreign policy.  war powers, treaties, executive agreements, and the deployment and use of United States Armed Forces.  peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and enforcement of United Nations or other international sanctions.  international law enforcement issues, including narcotics control programs and activities.  public diplomacy, including international communication, information policy, international education, and cultural programs.

6 Agriculture  Matters relating to rural development, including rural telephone companies, farm credit banks, farm rural housing loans, rural water supply, rural flood control and water pollution control programs, and loans for rural firehouses, community facilities, and businesses.  All matters relating to pesticides, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.  Legislation establishing the level of fees charged by the Federal Government for the grazing of livestock on Federal lands.  Legislation relating to the control of the entry into the United States of temporary, nonresident aliens for employment in agricultural production.  Price spreads of agricultural commodities between producers and consumers.

7 Small Businesses  Oversight of capital access and financial markets.  Oversight of general tax policy affecting small businesses.  The management of the SBA disaster loan program.  SBA financial assistance programs, including guaranteed loans, microloans, certified development company loans, and small business investment companies. Oversight of the Department of Agriculture business and industry guaranteed loan program.

8 Senate Committees Jurisdiction

9 Rules and Administration  make a continuing study of the organization and operation of the Congress.  recommend improvements in such organization and operation with a view toward strengthening the Congress.  identify any court proceeding or action which, in the opinion of the Committee, is of vital interest to the Congress as a constitutionally established institution of the Federal Government and call such proceeding or action to the attention of the Senate.  develop, implement, and update as necessary a strategic planning process and a strategic plan for the functional and technical infrastructure support of the Senate.  provide oversight over plans developed by Senate officers and others in accordance with the strategic planning process.

10 Indian Affairs  to conduct a study of any and all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of Indians.  Control Indian land management.  Indian education, health, special services, and loan programs.  Deal with Indian claims against the United States.  Ensure equal opportunities for Native Americans.

11 Environment and Public Works  learn more about infrastructure needs and priorities.  Issues involving disaster relief.  Historic preservation.  Air quality regulation.  Public works maintenance.

12 Budget  Lay out how much we as a nation value safe roads and bridges.  lay down a strong foundation for long-term economic growth.  determine who pays for the government the people want, and how. It addresses questions like whether or not a teacher making $45,000 a year should pay higher or lower income taxes, and whether or not we can afford to continue to offer hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy individuals, oil companies, and corporate jet owners.  plans for how we are going to deal with our debt and deficit challenges, hopefully in a way that works for the middle class, is good for the economy, and is fair for the next generation.  determine how much we want to invest in our workers and students, our most vulnerable families, and the infrastructure, research and innovation that will lay down a strong foundation for long-term economic growth.

13 Armed Services Aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations. maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, including administration, sanitation, and government of the Canal Zone. the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force. Manage military research and development. Manage naval petroleum reserves, except those in Alaska.

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