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Monday 4/15 - Intro to the UN

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1 Monday 4/15 - Intro to the UN
Objective: Examine the purpose and function of the United Nations. Discussion Question: In your opinion, what is the best way to solve conflict? Explain what method you would use and why it would be successful!

2 The United Nations Unit 6

3 I. Purpose The purpose of the United Nations is to
(a) bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, (b) based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of all people.

4 I. Purpose It allows countries the
(c) opportunity to balance global interdependence (interests of the world) and national interests when addressing international problems.

5 II. Basic Facts (a) Started on October 24, 1945 with 51 members.
(b) Today there are 192 members. The (c) United Nations Headquarters are in New York City – on international territory.

6 II. Basic Facts Six official languages are used
(d) Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. (e) Created after Holocaust/World War II as a way for countries to settle disputes peacefully.

7 III. The Charter of the United Nations
Charter: Describes the goals and principles of an organization.

8 III. The Charter of the United Nations
The United Nation’s constitution includes: Purpose Functions and duties Describes constituents How a state can become a member The rights and obligations of member states How to make changes to the charter Statement of principles

9 The Structure of the UN The UN meets regularly in sessions to consider the world’s most pressing problems. Each country gets one vote. Most decisions are decided by a simple majority. They cannot force action on any country, but their recommendations are important for the indication of the world’s opinion on issues.

10 IV. The Structure of the UN
There are six parts: The Secretariat/Secretary-General The Security Council The General Assembly Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice


12 (a) The Secretariat/Secretary-General – Mr. Aney
Runs UN programs from peacekeeping to economic development. Seen as the head of the United Nations. Works as a research organization which compiles reports. Operates a media and information center which is responsible for educating people globally about the UN’s projects. Translates languages to ensure communication among member states.

13 (b) The Security Council - Members
A group of member states (usually the most powerful ones) who are given the right to make decisions for the entire organization.

14 The Security Council - Members
There are five permanent members France The People’s Republic of China The Russian Federation The United Kingdom The United States There are 10 nonpermanent members They serve 2 year terms Veto power – these countries can stop any proposals.

15 (c) The General Assembly
A president is elected to preside over the General Assembly. This is where all member states deliberate and debate. Often, the UN sends issues on the agenda to committees to be discussed. They then draft and vote on proposals.

16 (c) The General Assembly
States tend to vote in groups. Geographic ties Common political, ideological, or religious beliefs Developmental status

17 (d) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Interested in the promotion of human rights.

18 (e) Trusteeship Council
Helps colonies become independent countries. They have not met since 1994.

19 (f) International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Peacefully mediates disputes and interprets treaties.

20 Lets Watch a Video on the history of the UN:

21 UN Countries Afghanistan Argentina Armenia Australia Brazil Canada
China Cuba France Germany Greece India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Italy Japan Egypt Mexico North Korea Pakistan Panama Phillipines Poland Russia Saudi Arabia South Africa South Korea Spain Thailand Turkey United Kingdom Unites States of America

22 Homework Read through the United Nations Charter & answer the discussion questions Due Tomorrow!

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