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Recall-How does bromothymol blue work again?

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1 Goldfish Investigation The effect of temperature on the rate of cellular respiration.

2 Recall-How does bromothymol blue work again?
Why has the fish’s water turned yellow? Explain the gases involved.

3 “Temperature and Cellular Respiration Lab” (Label a new piece of paper)
PRELAB Questions: 1. The reactants of cellular respiration are _____________. The products of cellular respiration are _________________. 2. Where in the cell does cellular respiration happen? 3. Define homeostasis (new word). Scientific Question: Will temperature effect the rate of cellular respiration in gold fish? Hypothesis: (MAKE YOUR OWN… IF/THEN) Materials: 1 fish, 1 beaker, bromothymol blue, water, stop watch Variables and Procedures… Independent Variable: Dependent Variable: Control: For procedures… explain what we are doing and have student explain in their own words. Explain directions. Step 1 Your first step is to create a scientific question about photosynthesis. Today you will be manipulating the light that your plant receives. Step 2 After your scientific question, you need to develop a hypothesis using the IFTHEN format. Provide examples as needed and introduce materials to students. Step 3 materials Seeds: You will use mung beans to conduct your research. Remember that mung beans grow very quickly so they are fun to research on! Light: You have the option of using natural and low light conditions. Show procedure for putting seeds in the petri dish with water. Step 4 Allow students to write the set up by asking them to record the independent, dependent and control variables and safety as step 4. Step 5 Write down the steps for your experiment. How will you set it up exactly? Honors gets more freedom here… especially if they were listening to the description of how to set this up Step 6 Create a data table to show how the plants progress from now until Wednesday. Suggest that students count how many seeds appear to be germinating. 10 per dish is an easy number for math that follows. Step 7 Graph…. You will create a graph using the data from your table later on… what type of graphs could we use? (Line change over time…) (Bar could be okay, too) Once your hypothesis and variables have been checked you are ready to begin the lab!

4 “Temperature and Cellular Respiration Lab” Continued…
4. Variables & Procedures Variables: Independent Variable: I am testing how TEMPERATURE effects cellular respiration in fish. Dependent Variable: I am measuring the rate at which the fish breaths and how the color of the indicator changes. Constants: Procedures There are 3 fish in 3 different temperatures. They are set up at different stations Record how many times the fish breathes in one minute (by watching it open and close it’s mouth). Repeat 3 times (3 trials at each station). At the end of the lab, make an observation about the color of the bromothymol blue indicator. You will have 2 data tables! Use this slide to help students understand variables and procedures if needed.

5 Temperature and Cellular Respiration 5
Temperature and Cellular Respiration 5. Data Table Try to creat your own. 3 fish… 3 temperatures…what can you come up with? Cold Room Temperature Slightly Warm Trial 1 (# of breaths) Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 1 (# of breaths) Trial 2 Trial 3 Cold Room Temperature Slightly Warm Having problems creating a data table? Use one of these!

6 Data Analysis and Conclusion
Create a graph to represent your findings in the lab. Conclusion (the hard part…)- Determine whether your hypothesis was right or wrong. You must back up your claims with data from your investigation. Explain the full process of cellular respiration and how it was effected by the changing temperatures. Be sure to include how reactants and products of photosynthesis were effected in this investigation. How are your findings in the lab relative to real world problems? How was cellular respiration effected by the temperature change?

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