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Investigations 3 & 4: Solar Water Heaters Solar Houses

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1 Investigations 3 & 4: Solar Water Heaters Solar Houses
Solar Energy Investigations 3 & 4: Solar Water Heaters Solar Houses

2 Investigation 3 – Solar Water Heaters
Main Ideas/Content Black plastic absorbs the Sun’s energy, which it transfers to the water by contact. White plastic reflects the Sun’s energy. A cover keeps the heat inside the container. Solar water heaters in houses today work by: Placing solar collectors filled with water on the roof to absorb the sun’s rays Sun-heated water is piped down into a storage tank in the house.

3 Investigation 3 Larger collector surface areas cause the water to heat up more and faster. Dr. Maria Telkes was the world’s most famous female inventor in the world of solar energy. Invented model of a solar oven Also helped design and build a solar house

4 Investigation 3 Vocabulary Words
Absorb – to take up, soak in, or capture. Reflect– to bounce back. Solar Collector – a material used to capture solar energy in a water heater or other device. Solar Cells– devices used to transform solar energy into electricity. Fossil Fuels – natural gas, oil, or coal, that is taken from the Earth.

5 Investigation 4 – Solar Houses
Space heating is the transfer of heat energy to the air in an enclosed space. The orientation of a solar house to the Sun affects how warm it gets inside. Houses facing the Sun get warmer much faster Light comes in through the glass The surface absorbs the light and heats up Heat can’t escape through the glass This is similar to how a greenhouse or parked car with the windows up works Houses with dark interiors heat up more and stay warmer longer than houses with light interiors.

6 Investigation 4 Different methods of design and decorating help warm homes and keep them cool (i.e., adding insulation, curtains, etc.) Advantages to solar energy: renewable resource, pollution-free Disadvantages: very expensive equipment, works best when Sun is shining, takes longer to heat water, not as many companies around Wind power is also an important source of renewable energy for our future.

7 Investigation 4 Vocabulary Words
Orientation – the direction of an object in relation to another object. To orient something is to set it up in a definite direction. Passive solar energy – system that provides heating (or cooling) WITHOUT any mechanical or electrical devices. Active solar energy - system that provides heating (or cooling) WITH the assistance of mechanical or electrical devices to move heat around.

8 Active Solar Energy Systems
Investigation 4 Active Solar Energy Systems

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