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The complete facsimile archive of the iconic newspaper that defined the style of photojournalism in the 20 th Century 1938 - 1957.

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1 The complete facsimile archive of the iconic newspaper that defined the style of photojournalism in the 20 th Century

2 As a piece of British journalism Picture Post is unique. It presents a rich and varied pattern of British life and is a treasure trove for the growing number of social historians… PROFESSOR PETER STANSKY Stanford University Saturday, July 14, 1956, Issue 15 Saturday, September 9, 1939, Issue 10


4 WHAT IS THE PICTURE POST? Picture Posts ground-breaking use of photojournalism publicised both great events and everyday life, capturing the imagination of the British people. With its populist editorial stance and candid 35mm photography, the Picture Post became an essential window on the world before the advent television. Within 6 months of its first issue, circulation soared to 1.7 million. During WWII it is estimated that readership was at a staggering 80% of the British population.

5 KEY FEATURES OF THE PICTURE POST HISTORICAL ARCHIVE The complete run from , including almost 50,000 pages Digitally captured in full colour from print In depth indexing and full text searchability Multiple search paths, browse options and limiters to pinpoint results quickly Users can magnify and crop images as required and store results Cross-searchable with other Gale products 7 July 1945

6 DISCIPLINES COVERED: History Politics Literature Media & Journalism Art & Photography Cultural Studies Family and Local History 14 July 1951

7 A RESOURCE FOR HISTORY: An image gallery of turning points in the mid-20 th century – from the years leading up to World War II to the first decade of the Cold War – the archive provides remarkable primary sources for any student, teacher or researcher of 20 th century history. For the social historian, it offers an intimate photographic chronicle of how Britains poor, working, middle and upper classes lived from day to day and how these lives changed through the 1940s and 1950s. This is War! Saturday, December 03, 1938; pg. 14; Issue 10 The Life of a Tramp Saturday, April 01, 1939; pg. 33; Issue 13

8 A RESOURCE FOR POLITICS: The papers liberal and staunchly anti- fascist manner reflected the popular sentiments and political attitudes of the day – as such it is a telling measure of the popular opinion at the time. The publication was acclaimed for its coverage of government activities, including the wartime Cabinet. With its formidable readership it was able to exert influence over politics especially with the foundation of the British welfare state. Saturday, May 18, 1940; pg ; Issue 7

9 A RESOURCE FOR LITERATURE: The archive provides students and researchers of literature with the social context to understand great 20 th century works, especially wartime and post-war literature. Users will find serialisations of contemporary novels such as Graham Greenes The Quiet American and Evelyn Waughs Decline and Fall. Saturday, August 16, 1947; pg. 21; Issue 7

10 A RESOURCE FOR MEDIA AND JOURNALISM: For teachers and students of media and journalism, the archive delivers numerous instances of how to tell the news through images with its pioneering use of photojournalism. Saturday, July 13, 1940; Issue 2 What a German boy has to do What a British boy likes to do

11 A RESOURCE FOR ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Many of the major photographers of the 20 th century worked for the publication, so a large body of photographers work is available for study. Bert Hardy Kurt Hutton Grace Robertson

12 A RESOURCE FOR CULTURAL STUDIES: The publication covered all aspects of everyday life, including high culture and popular entertainment – from cinema, literature and theatre to games, sports and cooking. Saturday, June 8, 1946; pg. 10, Issue 10 Saturday, January 7, 1950; pg , Issue 1

13 A RESOURCE FOR FAMILY AND LOCAL HISTORY: The Picture Post is also a landmark heritage collection for family and local history researchers. Offering wider ranging political coverage of regional towns and local characters. Saturday, January 19, 1946; pg. 12, Issue 3Saturday, March 6, 1948; Issue 10

14 INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE: Researchers will find a wealth of photojournalism on countries from around the world during the 1930s-1950s. The mission of the paper to tell a story in pictures is never more powerfully felt than in its international coverage of events. With its stable of talented photographers, the magazine turned its lens on major national and international social and political issues of the day, bringing them into sharp focus. Saturday, July 5, 1952; pg. 15, Issue 1

15 PERSIAN GULF Saturday, October 15, 1938; page 19, Issue 13 U.S.A Saturday, November 05, 1938; page 23, Issue 6 AUSTRALIA Saturday, February 07, 1942; page 7, Issue 6 CHINA Saturday, May 01, 1943; pages 8-9, Issue 5 SOUTH AFRICA Saturday, July 08, 1939; page 35, Issue 1


17 PRODUCT DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY: Homepage with basic search Advanced Search Results Page Page Display with specifically designed viewer Print, download, mark list, documents Browse Editions and Contributors

18 HOMEPAGE: NAVIGATION BASIC SEARCH Keyword/Entire Document and limit by date SPOTLIGHT ARTICLES Shortcut to pre-selected highlight content

19 ADVANCED SEARCH: LIMIT the search section and/or article type LIMIT by illustration type Keyword or phrase search in Article Title, Keyword, Entire Document, Caption, Contributor and Document Number Set FUZZY none-high

20 RESULTS: Results can be SORTED by ascending and descending order Results can be LIMITED by publication section and article type SEARCH within results or start a new search and also mark items From each THUMBNAIL choose between Article, View Page and Browse Issue

21 PAGE DISPLAY: Selecting PAGE from the results displays the entire page of the issue in which the article appears. The article can be viewed as a clipped image as well. Other articles from the page can also be selected Search within ISSUE or new search ZOOM and Page Navigation Browse issue and see RESULTS contained within the same issue Mark item, print, , bookmark and use the citation TOOL

22 BROWSE BY DATE: All the front pages of the ISSUES for the selected year will display from Jan- Dec. Click on the thumbnail to browse the whole issue

23 ISSUE DISPLAY/RESULTS: Selecting the front cover thumbnail image from the BROWSE ISSUE displays the front page and all clipped articles on that page The Results for this issue displays a LIST VIEW of the pages in the edition for an overview of the content

24 BROWSE CONTRIBUTOR: Browse contributors to the Picture Post alphabetically Select BROWSE CONTRIBUTOR from the Browse drop down menu Type in the first few letters of the name or use alphabet LINKS to select a name Once the name has been selected the corresponding articles and pages display in a RESULTS list

25 CONTRIBUTOR RESULTS: The results from selecting a contributor displays in the same way as a normal search RESULTS page – the pages/articles can then be viewed in more detail by selecting Article View Page or Browse Issue

26 SEARCH HISTORY: Search History Enables the user to revisit and REVISE previous searches

27 MARKED ITEMS: Add items to the list to REVISIT at a later point. Users can also save, and print a list of results or an article


29 SUMMARY OF BENEFITS: Offering nearly 50,000 pages of photojournalism. Makes the inaccessible accessible - Complete print run - Archive is all in one place and is convenient to use as well as saving valuable shelf space. An essential resource across a range of disciplines including History, Politics, Literature, Photography, Arts and more. National and International content. Multiple search and limit options. Browse editions week by week, cover to cover. Saturday, August 7, 1948; Issue 6

30 To register for your free trial or request further information please contact us: Visit: Call us: +44 (0)

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