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Energy Sources.

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1 Energy Sources

2 Energy Use United States uses more NRG than any other country in the world

3 Types of Energy Fossil fuels Wind Solar Nuclear Hydroelectric
Geothermal Hydrogen Biomass Click on the title to view video

4 Partner Activity Nonrenewable vs. Renewable
Students will partner up and discuss the meaning of each category and then attempt to group the energy forms into the correct category type. Nonrenewable-Cannot be replaced by natural processes as quickly as they are used-Fossil Fuels Renewable-Replaced nearly as quick as it is used-Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric, Tidal, Geothermal, Biomass

5 Fossil Fuels Fossil Fuel Coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas
Formed from Dead plants and animals Fuel formed hundreds of millions of years ago through geological processes Coal, Petroleum, and Natural Gas Contain energy originally from the sun Nonrenewable Energy Source

6 Use of fossil fuels Fossil fuels are burned to release chemical energy
Combustion Process of burning a fuel Chemical Energy is converted into various forms

7 Sources of Electricity In US

8 Nuclear Energy stored within the nucleus of an atom
Released during nuclear reactions Nuclear fission Nuclear fusion

9 Renewable Resources

10 Renewable Resource Energy source replaced as quickly as it is used
Solar Energy Hydroelectric Wind Geothermal-Thermal energy from Magma Biomass-Renewable organic matter Wood, sugarcane, rice, manure Tidal

11 Solar Energy from the sun Click on title for Solar power video

12 Hydroelectric Falling Water
Click on title to view video describing Hydroelectric Energy

13 Wind Wind is used to turn turbines

14 Geothermal Energy contained in hot magma

15 Biomass Chemical energy from renewable organic matter is released through the process of combustion

16 Tidal Ocean water is used to turn turbines
Created by the Gravity of the sun and the moon Ocean tides

17 Assignment Choose an Alternative Energy Source
Create a PowerPoint presentation Research information on topics Outline and Rubric provided Group will present to the class Create a brochure or poster to “sell” your energy form

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