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Sci. 5-4 Energy Resources Pages 134- 139.

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1 Sci. 5-4 Energy Resources Pages

2 A. A energy resource is a natural resource that can be converted into other forms of energy in order to do useful work.

3 B. Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced after they are used or can only be replaced after a long period of time.

4 C. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources formed from the remains of ancient organisms. Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are fossil fuels.

5 D. Fossil fuels are the primary source of electrical energy generated in the United States.

6 E. Nuclear Energy is another way to generate electricity.

7 F. Nuclear energy is generated from radioactive elements such as uranium. Nuclear Fission- the nucleus of a radioactive element’s atom is split into two smaller nuclei, releasing nuclear energy.

8 G. Renewable resources can be used and replaced in nature over a relatively short period of time.

9 H. Renewable resources- solar energy, wind energy, energy from water, geothermal energy (thermal energy from the heating of earth’s crust), and biomass (organic matter such as plants, wood, and waste that can be burned to release energy).

10 I. The sun is the source of most energy on Earth.

11 J. Depending on where you live and what you need energy for, one energy resource can be a better choice than another.

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