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Sector-Led Support Safeguarding Knowledge Workshops March 2010.

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1 Sector-Led Support Safeguarding Knowledge Workshops March 2010

2 “Sector ‐ led improvement is the right response to Lord Laming” ADCS 29 th April 2009

3 Safeguarding children peer review Nine booked before September 2010 – on offer until March 2011 Not an inspection Harnesses knowledge and expertise within the sector Highlights strengths, and areas for consideration Evaluation to come, and… … working with C4EO to disseminate good practice

4 Safeguarding children peers Currently enhancing our existing pool of multi- agency specialist peers Further events planned for May and June – for Directors and Assistant Directors of Children’s Services, and senior health peers Regional peer work to support local innovation and learning - East of England Peers will be equipped for peer review, as well as other forms of sector-led support

5 Peer review and peers – The benefits At the heart of sector led improvement, building confidence from within Peers learn from the locality they review, receiving councils and partners learn from specialist peers Identifying and sharing good practice Peers are “accredited”

6 Validated Local Practice (VLP) What is VLP and why use it? What? Local experience and practice of ‘what works’ Why? Support research literature with evidence – from the ‘frontline’ Why? Complement research evidence, bring it to life and engage the sector

7 VLP – hierarchy of validated examples No real evidence of impact or outcomes/need further support to provide evidence ‘Early days’ ideas - need more evidence, but interesting, may just need time.... Promising practice – clear aims and purpose, some outcomes evidence Validated – clear rationale, outcomes evidence, transferability, relevance and replicability


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