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The story so far……...

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1 The story so far……..

2 The first stage in reproduction..
Sexual Intercourse: Copulation

3 Humans have specially designed reproductive organs for copulation.
Male Reproductive System Prostate Gland Produces the fluid which nourishes the sperm and allows them to swim Sperm Duct Carries the sperm from the testes to the penis Testes Produces and stores the sperm Penis Is placed inside the vagina where it deposits sperm

4 Female Reproductive System
Uterus Oviduct Ovary Develops a spongy lining for the embryo to implant Stores and releases egg cells Cervix Where fertilisation takes place. Embryo moves down towards uterus. Connects the uterus to the vagina Vagina Entry point of the penis during copulation.

5 Route to Fertilisation
Ovary Oviduct Uterus 1. Egg is released from the ovary and picked up by the oviduct. 4. 2.Egg is moved along oviduct by hair like cilia. 2 3. Sperm is deposited in the vagina and swims towards the egg up the oviduct. 1. 1 3. 4. Sperm and egg meet and FERTILISATION takes place.

6 After Fertilisation 1. Fertilisation produces a Zygote.
Ovary Oviduct Uterus 1. 2 1. Fertilisation produces a Zygote. 2. The zygote divides in half to form an embryo. 3 3, The embryo continues to divide until it forms a ball of identical cells. 4 4. The embryo implants itself in the wall of the uterus where it continues to develop.

7 Once the embryo has implanted itself within the uterus the ball of cells begins to specialise into different types of cells. The embryo must not only develop into a baby but it must also provide a way of catering for the developing babys needs. What are these needs? Protection Food Oxygen Excrete Waste Products

8 Food, Oxygen and Excretion of waste
Supplying food and oxygen and the excretion of waste is the responsibility of the placenta. The placenta is formed from part of the embryonic ball of cells The placenta is a link between the mother and the developing embryo

9 Placenta Foetus Umbilical Cord Placenta
The Placenta is formed around two weeks after the embryo has implanted in the uterus.

10 A closer look Mother Although very close together the maternal and foetal bloodstream do not mix. Oxygen CO2 Waste Food The required substances are able to pass from the mothers blood supply to the foetus and vice versa by DIFFUSION Foetal blood supply Maternal Blood Supply Umbilical chord Foetus

11 PROTECTION The developing foetus is vulnerable and needs protection
This is provided by a fluid called amnion which is enclosed in the amniotic sac. Amniocentesis is a test performed on the amnion which can detect chromosomal defects.

12 Embryonic Development 1st Month
SIZE: 0.5 cm Features Formed: spine, nervous system kidneys, intestines, Additional Notes: Day 21 heart starts beating , legs,arms eyes and ears are noticeable

13 Foetal Development 2nd Month
Size:1 cm. Features Formed: Arms legs, fingers and toes. Additional Notes: Recognisable as a human so it is a foetus Responds to touch and can feel pain. Can hear the amniotic fluid rushing by.

14 Foetal Development 3rd Month
Size: 5cm Features Formed: vocal chords and brain fully formed Additional Notes:Foetus can squint swallow frown and make a fist. The mother may a kick as it moves around

15 Foetal Development 5th Month
Size:30 cm Features Formed: completely developed. Eyebrows and eyelashes. Sex organs formed Additional notes: recognise voices, can jump in surprise.

16 Foetal Development 7th Month
Size:40 cm Features Formed: fully developed Additional notes: Foetus spends most of its time sleeping. Over the next two months it will grow to 3x its length and develop fat.

17 Gestation Period The gestation period is the time from the implantation of the egg to the birth of the baby. In humans it is approximately 9 months

18 Have a guess how long the gestation period is for a cat??
6o days gestation

19 Guess how long the gestation period is for this mouse?
12 days!!!!

20 Guess how long the gestation period is for an elephant?
An elephant has the longest gestation period of months

21 The final stage of reproduction is the birth of the new individual

22 The baby decides when it is time to arrive and sends a message to the mother.
The placenta detaches from the mother and the baby begins its journey down the cervix. The mother will feel contractions as the baby moves, this is the first sign of labour. The amniotic sac will then burst releasing the fluid this is known as your waters breaking. The baby will continue to move down through the cervix and out of the vagina

23 You are about to see the most amazing video clip
Look away if your squeemish

24 Congratulations you have survived the journey of reproduction from start to end.
Wasn’t it AMAZING

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