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Lesson #3: Having a baby!! Objective:

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1 Lesson #3: Having a baby!! Objective:
Function of placenta and umbilical cord Main stages of fetus development

2 Stage 1: Germinal Period
Day 1 to about day 21 Conception: Sperm and egg meet The two cells fuse and then begin to divide until a small ball of cells is formed. Usually in uterus about 10 days after conception


4 Stage 2: Embryonic Stage
Week 3 to Week 10 Week 4: Amniotic fluid, placenta and umbilical cord are formed. Through the umbilical cord baby receives oxygen and passes waste material, but also toxins Amniotic fluid gives protection from bumps At 9 weeks the body is fully formed and is called a Fetus

5 Stage 3: Fetal development
From week 10 to about week 37 (or when labour begins) At 10 weeks it is 10cm long At 5 months the fetus can move and kick At 7 months: fetus is completely developed and increases in weight and length. Lungs also continue developing. Week 37-42: Baby is “ready” to be born,

6 Stage 4: Labour and birth

7 bibliography

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