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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Vocab. words Food WebsEcosystem s Misc.Plants Food Chains 100.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Vocab. words Food WebsEcosystem s Misc.Plants Food Chains 100

6 I am happy eating many different animals. What am I? A 100

7 A carnivore A 100

8 I only like to eat producers. What am I? A 200

9 Herbivore A 200

10 I break down dead plants and animals and put nutrients into the soil that plants use to grow. A 300

11 Decomposer A 300

12 I am happy eating both berries and small animals. A 400

13 Omnivore A 400

14 Find the primary consumer Algae-shrimp-arctic cod-seal-polar bear A 500

15 shrimp A 500

16 What do the arrows mean in a food chain or food web? B 100

17 Transfer of energy, where the energy is going B 100

18 What organism do all the arrows in a food web point to? B 200

19 decomposer B 200

20 How many herbivores are in this food web? B 300

21 5

22 What will most likely happen to a population of snakes if its prey decreases? B 400

23 There will be more competition among snakes for food; the population of snakes could decrease. B 400

24 Which of the following shows a food chain in the diagram? a.Snake-grass-cattail-hawk b.Grasshopper-shrew-cricket-cattail c.Cattail-cricket-frog-snake d.Marsh grass-shrew-frog-snake B 500

25 C. cattail-cricket-frog-snake B 500

26 What would happen to fish in a river if pollution killed the plant life in the river? C 100

27 The fish population would decline or die out. C 100

28 What might happen if a new species is introduced to an ecosystem that eats caterpillars? C 200

29 Answers will vary: There may be more competition for food. The lizard hawk and bird population might start to die out or decrease. C 200

30 What is likely to happen to a species of fish that eat algae, if a new aggressive species of fish is introduced to a river that also eat algae? C 300

31 There will be more competition for food; the original fish species could start to die out or decline. C 300


33 List 2 adaptations that help a deer protect itself from predators. C 400

34 Brown color helps it blend in, can run fast to get away from predators, etc. C 400

35 In an ocean, a population of fish and squid eat the same type of plant. If the squid population grows faster than the fish, what could happen to the fish population? C 500

36 The fish population could decrease. C 500

37 Describe at least 2 adaptations that help me survive. D 100

38 Answers will vary. D 100

39 Name an omnivore in this food web. D 200

40 Mice are omnivores. D 200

41 Why are producers important in a food chain or food web? D 300

42 They make food; they are the source of energy for the other organisms. D 300

43 Name at least 2 nonliving parts of an ecosystem. D 400

44 Rocks, soil, air, water, climate (weather) D 400

45 Why does recycling have a positive impact on the environment? D 500

46 Recycling helps to conserve our resources. Instead of cutting down new trees, drilling for oil, etc we can take a product that has already been made and make it into something else. D 500

47 What is the process called that plants light energy use to make glucose (food)? E 100

48 Photosynthesis E 100

49 E 200 What gas do plants give off as a waste product during photosynthesis?

50 E 200 Oxygen

51 What a seed does when conditions are right for growth. E 300

52 Germinates E 300

53 What could you label all of the plants in a food web? E 400

54 Producers E 400

55 What gas do plants use during photosynthesis? E 500

56 Carbon Dioxide E 500

57 Where do producers get their energy from? F 100

58 The sun F 100

59 Which of the following eats producers? A.Green plants B.2 nd level (secondary) consumers C.1 st level (primary) consumers D.Carnivores F 200

60 C. 1 st level (primary) consumers F 200

61 In the food chain, which animal is both a predator and prey? algae  zooplankton  minnows  trout F 300

62 Minnows F 300

63 Grass  Rabbit  Wolf How do wolves benefit from plants? F 400

64 Wolves eat rabbits, which need green plants to live. Wolves would not have rabbits to eat if there were no plants. F 400

65 If we picked the flowers off the plant, what won’t the plant be able to do? F 500

66 It wont be able to produce seeds! F 500

67 Food Webs Click on screen to begin

68 What substance in the leaves of a plant changes light energy into chemical energy (food)? Click on screen to continue

69 Chlorophyll (found in chloroplasts) Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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