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Henri matisse Papier découpé'.

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1 Henri matisse Papier découpé'

2 Background of Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse Henri Matisse (31 December November 1954) was a French artist, known for his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship.(retrieved from: 2014) Due to an illness Henri Matisse was prevented from painting in 1948 Starting producing artwork out of paper cut out called Papier découpé

3 Papier découpé Paper cut outs
cutting or tearing shapes from paper which had been painted with gouache Due to his illness he had to have someone place them on the sheet for him Allowed him to draw in colour

4 The Snail made in the Hôtel Régina at Nice.
One of his last and largest pieces of work

5 The snail succession of patches of color that curl around resembles the shell of a snail “'The Snail' is an expression of Matisse's response to the colour and light of the Mediterranean scene - its sun, sky, sea and vegetation.” (Retrieved from: ) Appears abstract but is not

6 Why?? Named as a artist to look at in the PLOS for art grade 2.
Paper cut outs seem easy and fun for students to do. Can create various images with this technique which will allow for personalization Not a lot to prep 

7 Lesson Plan Grade level 2 (but can use it with any grade I think)
PLO: create an image using abstraction as an image Materials: paper of various colors, scissors, glue, white paper, gouache

8 Cross curricular connections
Grade 2 math: students are learning about shapes- use simple shapes to create a picture from an image Grade 2 Language Arts: Readers theatre- can use paper cut out technique to make their scenes for their fairy tales they are acting out Grade 2 science: can develop a water landscape Grade 2 HACE: can create the food rainbow, a healthy meal, physical activity, etc.

9 Other Paper cutout Examples

10 Resources

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