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1 Post-Secondary Planning Valley Regional High School School Counseling Department January 13, 2015 VRHS Auditorium.

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1 1 Post-Secondary Planning Valley Regional High School School Counseling Department January 13, 2015 VRHS Auditorium

2 2 The School Counselors Current grade 11 counselor distribution by student last name:  Ms. Sarah McKinney: A-F  Mr. Yves Noiset: G-Pi  Ms. Lorraine Duffy: Pr-Z

3 3 The College Search  Classroom presentations in junior social studies classes.  Online college search programs 1. Naviance: College Search *Under: “Student Resources” on VRHS website. 2. College Board: *Click on “College Search”  Post-Secondary EXPO in the spring.

4 4 College Admission Requirements Four Year College/University  High School transcript  Rigor of courses  Test scores (SAT/ACT/SAT II)  Letters of Recommendation  College Essay  Portfolio/Auditions if applying to a fine arts program

5 5 College Admission Requirements 2 year Community College  SAT/ACT not required  Placement test will be given at the community college  Less expensive option  Associates Degree or Certificate programs  Transfer options/agreements

6 6 College Admission Requirements Technical School/Career  Trade programs/Certificate programs  Valley Post-Secondary EXPO  School-to-Career (Mrs. Hambor) can help students with job shadowing and career internship opportunities. Internships will be required as a Capstone Experience during a student’s senior year.

7 Gap Year Programs Students can choose from a variety of “gap year” options between high school and college such as:  Americorps (  Travel/Study Abroad Programs (various companies: CIEE, AFS, Nacel, etc)  CityYear ( 7

8 8 Testing Requirements The SAT  Comprised of 3 sections (Critical Reading, Math and Writing)  A student can score a possible score of 800 on each section  2400 is the highest SAT score possible  Spring of junior year and fall of senior year  Current juniors will not be affected by the SAT redesign—that will begin in January 2016.

9 9 Testing Requirements The SAT II Subject Tests:  SAT II’s are offered in a variety of subjects  Colleges and universities that are more competitive may want to see 2-3 subject tests  Plan testing dates in advance!

10 10 Testing Requirements  All registration info and testing dates for both the SAT I and SAT II can be found on the College Board website

11 11 Testing Requirements The ACT  Alternative test to the SAT  Has a Math, Reading, Science and optional Writing section  Registration and testing dates can be found at:

12 12 The Application Process How do I get an application?  Applications are completed online.  You can access a college application on their individual website.  If a college is a member of the Common Application:

13 13 The Application Process What is the Common Application?  The Common Application allows students to apply to multiple colleges and universities using a single application form. Currently used by more than 500 colleges.

14 14 The Application Process Different ways to apply:  Early Decision (binding & only to one school)  Early Action (non-binding, multiple schools)  Regular Admissions  Rolling Admissions

15 15 The Application Process When it comes to sending the application, who sends what? Students send:  Application fee  Application  College essay  Portfolio/Auditions (if necessary for program) **Will also need to: 1. Turn in Transcript Request Form to Counseling Dept and 2. Request to have transcripts sent on Naviance**

16 16 The Application Process Once a student has requested transcripts and letters of recommendation on Naviance, the Counseling Dept sends:  High School Transcript  School Report Form  Counselor Letter of Recommendation  School Profile  Senior Year Course Schedule Students MUST also fill out a Transcript Request Form to have these materials sent.

17 17 The Application Process Teachers send:  Letter of Recommendation--once students have invited teachers to write in Naviance, the teacher letters are submitted electronically through Naviance. Student should provide teachers with stamped and addressed envelopes only if the college does not accept electronic forms. Ask Teachers EARLY!!!

18 18 Visiting Colleges  School vacation weeks  Summer vacation  Talk to college admissions office to schedule a tour, interview, overnight, etc.  Admission reps also visit Valley in the fall months to meet with interested seniors during the school day.

19 19 Athletics NCAA Eligibility Center Need to register if interested in Division I & II athletic programs. Do not need to register for Division III.

20 20 Financial Aid  Financial Aid Night at Valley. For Parents of Seniors Held each December Each year’s presentation is accessible on the VRHS Counseling website:  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  CSS Profile  Scholarships

21 21 Financial Aid Helpful Financial Aid websites :

22 Scholarships We keep running lists of scholarships on Naviance and in our office. Typically students do not apply for scholarships until their senior year, but it’s never too early to see what is out there! 22

23 23 Additional Resources (Common Application) (ROTC programs) (college search/financial aid) (college/career) (career search) (career search and info) (year between h.s./college programs) (CT Community Colleges) (listing of colleges that don’t need SAT) (online college fairs)

24 24 School Counseling Website The Counseling website is located on the Valley Regional High School page. Resources include: transcript request process, Naviance instructions, financial aid & scholarship resources, SAT/ACT links, etc.

25 @VRHSCounseling Our department is connected to the social media world through our Twitter account. Students and parents are encouraged to follow us at: @VRHSCounseling for helpful information and reminders throughout the year. 25

26 26 Q&A Remember: organization and following timelines are key—keep deadlines in mind! We’re here to help as you embark on the post secondary planning process! Thank you for attending!

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