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College Night. Counselors Andrea McKinney (A-M) 476-4973 Ext. 208 Heidi Bennett (M-Z)

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1 College Night

2 Counselors Andrea McKinney (A-M) 476-4973 Ext. 208 Heidi Bennett (M-Z) 476-4973 Ext. 207

3 Exploring Colleges 4861 to choose from Most important decision 70% return for sophomore year

4 Exploring Colleges Getting organized Use folders, real and virtual Manage lists **Spring Break and summer vacation are great opportunities to visit schools!

5 Exploring Colleges The visit Think like a consumer Make it official Checklist of things to do Write Thank You College Open House list can be found on the website

6 Exploring Colleges What if you can’t visit? Website College rep. visits – schedule posted on website Call an alumnus College fairs

7 Applying To College On-Line Preferred Options 1. Early decision – Binding 2. Early Action 3. Regular Admission 4. Rolling Admission 5. Deadline Decision May 1.

8 Transcripts Memorial uses Parchment Log in to to Send transcripts to any college, NCAA

9 Common App Saves students time by filling out 1 application and sending to any member school 456 member schools Students and parents are encouraged to watch the tutorial

10 Getting In There are no guarantees Art vs. Science

11 Eight Factors Course Selection Rank Interests Tests Essays Recommendations Interviews Academic Performance

12 Course Selection Challenge yourself AP and Honors Check college website for course requirements *World Language, Math, Science* Core 40 minimum standard for Indiana schools

13 Rank Memorial does not report rank on transcripts sent outside of the school building Growing national trend Beneficial to students who have strong GPA’s but are in the bottom 50% of the class

14 Interests What you do outside the classroom Make an impact Quality vs. Quantity

15 Tests SAT Start early-winter or spring of junior year May or June Fall of senior year if necessary 3 Parts: Critical Reading, Math, Writing, Essay 800 max score per section Subject tests required by some schools Send scores to Memorial (150980), NCAA (9999) Register:

16 Tests ACT Composite Score – English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning, OPTIONAL Writing 36 is perfect score Accepted by most schools Should take writing portion Register:

17 Tests Test Prep Cost vs. Benefit Princeton Review Private tutor USI/Ivy Tech SAT’s My College QuickStart

18 Essay Don’t use fancy words Be real Spellcheck and Proofread!

19 Recommendations Tell who you are and what you are good at Give plenty of notice Doesn’t have to be the teacher who gave you an “A”

20 Interviews Highly interested Highly selective Dangers of social media

21 Academic Performance Most important factor Upward Trend Junior year very important Senior year grades do matter

22 How Do You Know??? Read the information! Talk to your counselor Call admissions office and ask

23 Factors Considered Indiana University Admitted Students Middle 50% Average: GPA - 3.47-4.0 SAT - 1110-1290 ACT - 25-30 Indiana Admitted Students (2013 figures): Average GPA 3.73 Average SAT 1186 79.7% in top 25% of class, 40.7% in top 10% of class 86.7% with Academic Honors Diploma **November 1 deadline for scholarship consideration

24 Purdue University Admitted Students Middle 50% Average: GPA – 3.5-4.0 SAT – 1630-1940 (CR & Ma) ACT – 25-30 *Apply by November 1 to receive a decision by first week in December and for scholarship consideration *Deadline for Nursing, vet technology and vet technician

25 Purdue University Apply to one college AdmitDeny Waitlist Holding for new info. Early Dec.- Initial Release of Decisions Nov. 15 th – Deadline for Consideration for Purdue Scholarships

26 UE and USI Heather and Mark will explain

27 Paying for College Average Cost: 2 year public school - $7,000 (living at home) 4 year public school (in-state)- $18,943 4 year public school (out-of-state) - $32,762 4 year private school - $42,419 *Source: College Board College Cost Estimator –requirement for all colleges to have on their website

28 Paying for College Financial Aid Worksheets available in counseling office Available January 1 Due March 10 for IN (some schools earlier). KY is first- come, first-serve Must be done every year Receive fin. aid packages around April 1 Estimated Family Contribution **Apply even if you don’t think you’re eligible

29 Paying for College Financial Aid Types of need based aid: Grants Loans Work Study

30 Paying for College Scholarships Grades Athletics Interests Intended Major

31 Paying for College Where to Find Scholarships MHS website Parent employer College Websites, College Goal Sunday: Feb. **Never pay for a scholarship search!!

32 Class of 2014 Profile 201 graduating seniors Attending 45 colleges/universities 15 states $10.4 mil in scholarships offered Top 5 University of Southern Indiana – 45 Indiana University– 33 Purdue University – 12 University of Kentucky- 9 University of Louisville - 9

33 Planning Ahead… Counselors met with juniors this week 2015-2016 registration for Juniors - Feb. 9/10 Counselors meet with seniors 2 nd week of school Look for folder with information

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