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Selective College Admissions. Non Selective Admissions Test Scores GPA Class Rank Minimum Required Courses Examples: KU, MU, K-State, Emporia State.

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1 Selective College Admissions

2 Non Selective Admissions Test Scores GPA Class Rank Minimum Required Courses Examples: KU, MU, K-State, Emporia State

3 Selective Admissions Process Transcript Courses and Grades Earned GPA Class Rank Test Scores Recommendations from Counselor and Teachers Essay Extra-curricular Activities including Leadership - Resume Examples: Private colleges (Drake, Harvard, Creighton) and highly selective public (Univ. of Michigan)

4 College Planning Timeline SME Counselors website Junior Year Timeline Senior Year Timeline

5 College Admissions Testing

6 General Information ACT, SAT, Subject Tests First testing in spring Junior year Allow time for retakes - unlimited Value of Test Prep Which Test? 99% of all colleges accept either score.

7 General Information Continued Reporting Scores to Colleges Removing Scores from Your Transcript What is a “Super Score”?

8 SAT Reasoning Test Tests Problem-Solving and Critical Analysis Skills Writing Section Required Perfect Score 800/2400 Score Choice Policy Register on

9 ACT Tests Knowledge in Content Areas Writing Section is Optional – Check Colleges Perfect Score 36 Score Choice Policy Register with

10 SAT Subject Tests Tests knowledge in specific content areas. Highly selective colleges only – check colleges Don’t take unless required. Take when you have completed the highest level of instruction. Administered on same day as SAT Reasoning Test. Option to take 1 to 3 on a Saturday – each 1 hour long Register at

11 Creating Your List of Colleges Safety, Probable, Reach Maximum of 2-3 Colleges for each Category Analyze Information to Determine Category Average Test Scores Course Requirements or Recommendations Acceptance Percentages Average GPA

12 College Search Resources College Search Websites Admissions Representatives Calendar on SME Counselor Website Announcements Sign Up in Counseling Office

13 Researching Colleges College Websites Great Resources Rugg’s Recommendations on Colleges Fiske Guide to College Insider’s Guide to Colleges 2012 The Best 376 Colleges by Princeton Review

14 College Visits Handout on SME Counselors Website for Questions Call Admissions Office to Register Large Group Presentation/Small Group Tour Senior Year – May schedule interviews, overnights, or meeting with department chairs.

15 College Visits Continued Visit when classes are in session. Determine Priority List before Visit Informal Checks Bulletin Boards Student Newspaper Events in the Student Union

16 College Clinic Junior Year - College Search Information Senior Year Specific Information about Applications, Majors, Activities on campus, etc. Personal Introduction to Admissions Counselors

17 Types of Application Deadlines

18 Non-Restrictive Applications Rolling Admission Colleges review applications as they are submitted and render admissions decisions throughout the admissions cycle. Toward the end of the cycle, admissions may become more competitive. Non-Binding

19 Regular Decision Students submit their applications by a specific deadline and receive their decisions on the same date identified by the college. Applicant pool is reviewed at the same time. Non-Binding

20 Early Action Students apply early and receive an admissions decision prior to the college’s regular decision date. May still apply to other colleges. Know early in the process about decision. Receive financial aid package in spring and compare with others. Must plan ahead for testing. Non-Binding

21 Restrictive Applications Restrictive Early Action (REA) Students apply to a preferred college and receive a decision early. The student may be restricted to applying EA or ED to other colleges. If admitted, student may confirm attendance by May 1. Plan ahead for testing. Receive financial aid packages in spring and compare with others. Non-Binding

22 Early Decision Students make a commitment to a first-choice college and if admitted, the student will attend. Application and decision deadline are early. May only apply to one college Early Decision and if admitted must withdraw all other regular or early action applications in writing. Will receive financial aid package with decision. Plan testing in advance. Admissions advantage????? BINDING AGREEMENT

23 Common Application Online application which may be submitted to multiple colleges. College must use the selective admissions process to offer this application. Must identify your counselor using the “ea” email address who will provide a recommendation and submit your transcript online. Must still sign pink transcript card. Teachers may or may not use the online recommendation. Be sure to check supplements.

24 Counselor Recommendations Not required for all colleges Signed Transcript Release Form turned in to the Counseling Office Complete Personal Information Sheet, Parent Information Sheet(s) and resume. Then… Make appointment at least 4 weeks prior to your earliest deadline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Teacher Recommendations Ask teachers if they are willing to write a recommendation. Focus on teachers from junior year, possibly senior year. Consider core curriculum and choice of major. Provide stamped, addressed envelopes for each college. Write a thank you note.

26 Process in SME’s Counseling Office Transcripts Transcript Release Form Waiving Your Rights Pink Transcript Card Electronic Transmissions – Free Mailed Transcripts - First 5 are free then $2.00 each Envelopes and Postage – Not needed Deadlines – 1 month prior to your earliest application deadline

27 Questions???

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