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3 TECHNOLOGIES THAT SUPPORT STUDENTS’ READING DEVELOPMENT Audiobooks Electronic Books Online Texts Electronic Talking Books Programmed Reading Instruction

4 AUDIOBOOKS Allows children and young adults to enjoy a book that’s at their interest level, but not might be above their reading level. Helps improve children’s reading skills, when used in conjunction with written texts. Provides a way for ELL to learn the patterns of language and to learn expressions.

5 PLEASE VISIT THESE WEBSITES FOR MORE ON AUDIOBOOKS genre/Children's/13/ genre/Children's/13/ audio.asp audio.asp n.html n.html

6 ELECTRONIC BOOKS Electronic texts presented visually. Always provide the text in visual component. Some incorporate text enhancements, such as definitions of words or background information on ideas. Others offer illustrations that complement the story. Downside: can only be viewed with a computer or a special palm-sized digital reader. Advantage: are searchable, modifiable, and enhanceable with embedded resources. Visit this website for an example:

7 ONLINE TEXTS Available on the World Wide Web. Students can find a wide variety of free online reading materials, such as: Books Plays Short stories Magazines Reference materials

8 HIGH FIVE…cause online texts often are equipped with hypermedia… therefore, as a child reads the text, he/she are able to click on the links to access definitions of words, additional information on concepts, illustrations, animations, and video. All of which can increase their comprehension of the material!!

9 ELECTRONIC TALKING BOOKS Increase motivation Promote basic word recognition Children improve their comprehension of texts, and that Decoding skills have been shown to improve. Offers readers immediate access to a word’s pronunciation - thus easing the need of the student to rely on context clues to understand new words. Can be equipped with a tracking system for troublesome pronunciations - this can provide feedback to teachers, enabling them to identify particular categories of words for further study.

10 PROGRAMMED READING INSTRUCTION Software programs offering skills-based instruction, such as: »letter recognition »phonics instruction »vocabulary building

11 TECHNOLOGIES THAT SUPPORT STUDENTS’ WRITING DEVELOPMENT Word Processing Desktop Publishing Of Student Work Online Publishing Multimedia Composing Internet-Based Communications HEY!… lets try e-mail

12 WORD PROCESSING Allows students to write and edit their work more easily. Research indicates that students who are comfortable word processing: »Write longer papers »Spend more time writing & revising »Show improved mechanics and word choice »Promotes collaborative among students

13 DESKTOP PUBLISHING Extension of word processing Students learn to format text, Plan layout of pages, Insert charts and graphics, And produce a professional-looking final copy.

14 DESKTOP PUBLISHING (cont’d) Students gain practice in desktop publishing their reports, stories, and poems. Students keep an electronic portfolio of their work Writing and producing a class newspaper.

15 ONLINE PUBLISHING OF STUDENT WORK Motivates students Accomplished through school’s website Display student assignments and extracurricular writing According to Karchmer: “Students feel their work could have far-reaching effects, which in turn encourages them to put more effort into it.”

16 ONLINE PUBLISHING OF STUDENT WORK(con’t) Opportunities to develop and house a Web site can be found at: Online magazines and educational organizations posting students' writing on the Web include: html html

17 INTERNET BASED COMMUNICATION Electronic mail (e-mail) Electronic bulletin boards E-mail lists Can be with peers, adults, or professional experts from around the world. Online penpals: Please visit for the internet’s largest community of collaborative classrooms engaged in cross-cultural

18 MULTIMEDIA COMPOSING Allows students to insert: Images Sounds Video Presents a means of self expression Supports reading and writing development

19 PLEASE VISIT THESE WEBSITES FOR MULTIMEDIA COMPOSING PACKAGES Wiggleworks: leworks/index.htm leworks/index.htm Storybook Weaver: okweaver- delux/screenshots/gameShot,61464/ okweaver- delux/screenshots/gameShot,61464/

20 CONCLUSION When used correctly, it enhances reading and writing skills as well as math and science. Technology interests children…helping to motivate students to work hard…more responsible for their own projects. Allows students to learn: Visually Audibly Kinesthetically Click here for RESEARCH PAPERRESEARCH PAPER


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