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The Life of The Martinez Family Frida Adrian Dr. Hones Biography of a Family M.

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1 The Life of The Martinez Family Frida Adrian Dr. Hones Biography of a Family M

2 Daniel and Alejandra’s childhood Daniel and Alejandra Martinez were born in La Canada, Guanajuato, Mexico. Daniel’s parents worked in a farm and Alejandra’s dad came to the U.S. since she was very little. She lived in Guanajuato with her mom. She came to visit her dad in California when she was a little girl. Daniel came to the United States when he was 15 years old.

3 Alejandra marries Daniel Martinez Alejandra and Daniel met in their hometown, La Canada, Guanajuato, Mejico. They dated for two months and later got married and moved to the United States. He worked as a home improvement worker. They did not know a lot of people and did not know the language. They did not have anything when they first came.

4 Their life together They have four children: Moncerrat, 15; Daniel, 13; Adolfo, 12; and Miranda 8. Dad worked two jobs for a while to be able to pay all expenses. They went back to Mexico with the kids to visit their family for a month. Alejandra was afraid because she did not have her papers.

5 Raising their children Daniel always traveled back and forth from Mexico through the Arizona border. He said that it cost about $2,500 and that it took about a week to cross the Arizona border. They bought a house in a middle income neighborhood close to a park and school. Moncerratt and Miranda

6 Timeline of important events First Met Got Married Came to The U.S. First Child Arrives Second Child Arrives Third Child Arrives Fourth Child Arrives Buy Their First Home March 8, 1995 March 23, 1996 May 1996 January 12, 1997 May 17, 1998 Novemb er 2, 1999 December 21, 2003 August 2004 Met in March of 1995 Got married In their home- town. Alejandra arrived in Wisconsin. Moncerratt Is born. Daniel Is born. Adolfo is born.. Miranda is born. Moncerratt’s First Communion

7 Things they enjoy doing as a family They enjoy going to church on Sundays and going hiking at High Cliff during the summer months. They also enjoy spending time with his family on Sundays because it is the only time he is off.

8 School Life One of the hardest things for her is that sometimes the kids are not able to explain to her some things in Spanish because they do not know the word. She said that a lot of times they talk to her and they said a couple words in Spanish and the rest of the sentence in English and she tells them that she doesn't understand what they are saying so they have to go in the computer and find the right word in Spanish. Mom said that she is afraid that when the children get older and they will not be able to communicate with her. Moncerrat volunteers at one of the elementary schools in Appleton. Daniel is in track and really enjoys it. Adolfo loves social studies because he enjoys learning about the past and Miranda said that she enjoys physical education class.

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