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Welcome to Math 010!. NOTE: If you pay attention to these slides, they contain the answers to most of the questions on the syllabus quiz you’ll be taking.

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1 Welcome to Math 010!

2 NOTE: If you pay attention to these slides, they contain the answers to most of the questions on the syllabus quiz you’ll be taking at the end of class today...

3 Instructor: *** Email: *** Office: *** Phone: *** (or 232-1757, Math TLC office) Please note: We will NOT be using D2L for this course. All assignments and grades will be posted on the MyMathLab course website that you’ll be registering for later in this class session.

4 Our Student Teaching Assistant/s for this section: Roll call from class roster will be taken now -- if you are not enrolled in the class, please check with the teacher or a TA now. *** Math TLC Web site: (TA profiles, course calendar, lecture slides, other course documents, open lab schedule.)

5 Course Grades Quizzes: 304 pts 1 syllabus quiz @ 10 points Gateway quiz @ 80 points 3 in-class online quizzes @ 60 points each 34 points for practice quizzes Tests: 385 pts Midterm @150 points, Comprehensive Final @ 200 points Practice Tests worth 35 points Daily Homework Assignments 256 pts 18 @ 12 points, 2 @ 20 points Lecture Attendance & Participation 55 pts Attendance: 2 points per day (plus 1 point) TOTAL1000 pts Note that homework counts about 25% of your course grade, tests and quizzes total about 70%, and attendance and participation are worth about 5%.

6 Grade Scale: Note that the minimum grade to pass this class is 70% (C)

7 Classroom Etiquette: Please be mindful of helping create a distraction-free learning environment for all of us in the classroom. Laptops should be closed when the day’s lecture begins. When lecture is finished your instructor will ask you to open your laptop to work on the day’s homework. During class work time and during tests or quizzes it is not appropriate to use your computer for email communications, instant messaging, general web surfing or similar activities that are not directly related to the current lecture or assignment. All electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, iPods, headphones, etc. should be out of sight and turned OFF during the entire class session, including while working on homework. CELL PHONES MAY NOT BE USED AT ALL, EVEN AS CALCULATORS, IN MATH 010 CLASSROOMS OR IN THE MATH TLC TUTOR LAB.

8 Homework guidelines: Each homework assignment is due at the start of class on the class day after the section is assigned. All deadlines are given in the syllabus and in the on-line assignment list. You’ll have time to start each day’s homework in class after the day’s lecture, and there’s help available in the open lab next door 8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. Each homework assignment is designed to take the average student 1 to 2 hours. Expect to spend an average of at least 3 to 4 hours per week on homework outside of class. Homework assignments can be completed on any computer with internet access, not just in the lab or classroom. Homework deadlines can be extended by your instructor if circumstances warrant, but you should work ahead if you know you will miss class. Getting one or two days behind can make it very hard to catch up with the pace of the daily homework and quizzes in this class.

9 Attendance points: Attendance will be taken at every class session, and 2 points will be awarded to students who are present when roll is taken. Participation in a class activity or completion of a short problem or homework quiz may be required to earn attendance/participation points on some or all class days. Points for each week’s attendance will be posted weekly to the online gradebook by Monday of the following week.

10 Quiz and test guidelines: Each test and quiz will have a practice version available online. Practices tests and quizzes count a small amount (about 7%) towards your grade. can be taken as many times as you want, with only your best score counting towards your course grade. are due at the start of class on the day of the exam. can be done anywhere you have internet access, just like homework. Regular tests and quizzes must be taken in class (or in the Math TLC testing lab with a proctor). must be taken on the day scheduled unless prior arrangements are made with your course instructor. are given online with a lockdown browser that blocks other screens. You can use your laptop and (after Test 1) a scientific calculator. No other devices or notes can be used for tests or quizzes. If a test is missed due to an unavoidable circumstance, a makeup may be given. Contact your instructor as soon as possible. after the missed exam. Documentation of reason for absence may be required. If approved by your instructor, a makeup will be scheduled.

11 Gateway Quiz 8 questions on basic arithmetic operations with integers and fractions. No calculators allowed for this quiz. Must be passed with 100% score before you can pass Math 010. You may take the quiz multiple times until you receive 100%, with different versions of the quiz given each time.

12 Gateway Quiz (continued) A sample quiz in homework form will be provided for you to look at today and to complete before our third class period. (Learning aids to help with are available on the Math 010 course web page.) We will go over the answers and the steps for how to do the problems in class over the next couple weeks to prepare you for the first try at the Gateway quiz. Peer teaching assistants specially trained to help you prepare for the Gateway quiz questions will also be on duty in the open lab (JHSW 203) each week on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

13 Gateway Quiz (continued) The first opportunity to take the Gateway Quiz for credit will be during the fifth week of the semester (see your course calendar in the syllabus or online for details). You’ll have one more opportunity to take the Gateway Quiz in class, then (if needed) once each subsequent week outside of class. Once you reach the goal of a 100% score, you’ll have earned 80 points for the Gateway and won’t have to retake it again.

14 Academic Dishonesty Policy: Any student discovered receiving assistance from any source or giving assistance to another student on an exam or quiz, or cheating in any other way will be given a zero grade for that exam or quiz. A second infraction will result in a failing grade (F) for the class. See University policy at ystaff/dishonesty.cfm ystaff/dishonesty.cfm

15 Notebooks/note taking: Written notes should be taken during lectures. You should have a notebook that you use specifically for this class, and bring it to every class session. You should also have a page in your notebook for each homework assignment and practice quiz/test. For each online problem, you should write the problem in your notebook, then show all steps of the work you do to get the answer. These notes will be very helpful to you in studying for tests and quizzes, and you’ll also want to be in the habit of showing detailed work on problems. You’ll be turning in your written work on regular tests and quizzes so that we can look over your work for possible partial credit since the computer grading is “all or none” on each questions.

16 Calculators: Calculators may not be used on Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Test 1 or any Gateway Quiz. After Test 1, calculators may be used for all remaining tests and quizzes, except for re-takes of the Gateway Quiz. When calculators are allowed, only a basic scientific calculator may be used.

17 More on Calculators: Graphing calculators are not allowed on tests or quizzes, so you shouldn’t use one for your homework or practice exams. Calculator apps on cell phones, tablets, iPods and other electronic devices including your laptop are not allowed either, so you shouldn’t rely on these for your homework or practice exams. When calculators are allowed (after Test 1), a basic scientific calculator is the only type of calculator that can be used during quizzes and tests. If you don’t have one of these, they are widely available for $10-15 at stores in town and on campus. We have a few spare TI-30 and TI-34 scientific calculators for use in the classroom and open lab if you forget yours. If you aren’t sure if your calculator fits the requirement, just ask a teacher or TA.

18 Math TLC Open Lab: (Remember this for your syllabus quiz) Math TLC Open Labs are held in 203 Jarvis Hall Science Wing, next to the main Math TLC classroom. No appointment needed. Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. This lab is closed on Fridays, on weekends and during breaks.

19 Website and Login information: NOTE: Even if you have used the MyLab or CourseCompass software before, start by clicking the Register/Student button. The Course ID for this course is *****

20 After you enter the course id, click “continue”. Next: If you have used MyLab/CourseCompass software for any previous course, sign in with your existing username so you don’t have to re-enter all of the registration information. If not, select “Create a Pearson Account”. The Course ID for this course is *****

21 If you are a new user creating a new account: Make sure you enter the Menomonie zip code (54751) Enter your Stout email address User Name and Password: follow online instructions If you have any trouble with any of the registration or log- in steps, just ask one of the teachers or TAs in the classroom. We want to make sure everyone can log in before leaving class today. When prompted, enter the Access Code that is being handed out now. Please make sure we get the access code slip back WITH YOUR NAME ON IT before you leave class today.

22 Important Note: For online quizzes and tests, you will probably need to log in to the MyMathLab web site using the Internet Explorer browser, because the lockdown browser may not work with other browsers (e.g. Chrome). For doing homework and accessing links and the online textbook, other browsers should work fine. If you are unable to get the syllabus quiz to load when we get to it in a few minutes, it may be because you are not in using the Internet Explorer browser. If this happens, log out of the website from the browser you’re using and log back in using Internet Explorer.

23 Once you’re registered: Go back to the website (add to the “Favorites” list in your browser) In the “Sign In” box, enter your Username and Password Click on Fall 2014 Beginning Algebra Math 010-00*****

24 Once you’re at the course site, the Home Page looks like this:





29 Information about the short homework assignment due at the start of our third class session: This assignment has eight basic arithmetic problems. You should not use a calculator to do these problems. In class during Week 5 you will be taking a quiz similar to this homework. Calculators will not be allowed on this quiz. Don’t worry if you find yourself having some trouble doing some or all of these problems. We will go over the answers and explain in detail the steps for how to do the problems in class over the next couple weeks to prepare you for the first try at the Gateway quiz. Peer teaching assistants specially trained to help you prepare for the Gateway quiz questions will also be on duty in the open lab (JHSW 203) each week on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. If you want a quick review to help you do any of these problems, look in the “Gateway Quiz Information” section of the Math 010 web page I just showed you. We will also spend time going over these problems in lecture during the next few weeks, so you aren’t expected to master them right away. You’ll have plenty of chances to work on them in class with one-on-one help before you take your first Gateway Quiz for credit.

30 Gateway Homework: The problems can be accessed online (instructions on next slide), but you should show all of your work in detail for each problem on the worksheet that the TAs will be handing out to each of you. You should also enter your answers into the computer in the online assignment. Now click on “Homework “ menu button to make sure you can load the assignment and see the problems on your screen.

31 Now you should see this screen: Click on the Gateway HW #1 line. Your computer may then run a browser check If you have a new or refreshed Stout laptop, you will not need to load any programs. If your computer prompts you to load the updated version of Flash, do so, but DO NOT load any other programs. Ask one of the TAs for help if you run into any trouble with this. You will need to have this working in order to do this assignment and the syllabus quiz. The worksheet handout has instructions for showing your work on paper and entering your answers online.

32 Now close that assignment and go to the Syllabus Quiz. Use the “Quizzes and Tests” menu button. Select Syllabus Quiz. Click “I am ready to start” The lockdown browser will load automatically -- follow onscreen directions to close any other open browser windows. After you get the quiz to load and can see the first question, you can work on it here in class if there’s time. If you don’t finish it, you can close it and come back to finish it later We want to make sure it loads for everybody before you leave class today. If you have any trouble getting the quiz and lockdown browser to work, make sure you go to the lab next door after class and get help from a TA. The lab is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 PM Monday-Thursday. You may use your syllabus handout to answer the questions. When finished with all questions, click “Submit”. You will be able to review your answers and retake the syllabus quiz until you get 100%. (This is the only quiz with retakes allowed, so take advantage of this one-time offer!) The Gateway HW is due at start of our third class session.

33 Reminder: Your online Syllabus Quiz is due at the start of class on Tuesday. Next class is on TUESDAY. Remember to bring: Your laptop Note-taking materials Print-out of lecture slides (if you want to take notes on them). Reminder: Your first online math homework (Gateway Homework #1) is due at start of class next Thursday, if you want to get started on it early. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED IN YOUR ACCESS CODE SLIP WITH YOUR NAME ON IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE

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