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MV4- Hardware overview 27-Mar-17, page 1.

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1 MV4- Hardware overview 27-Mar-17, page 1

2 MV4 – Hardware overview (placement)
Power SCADA SCADA MV4-Touch OP Communication & Monitoring MI4-Touch OP Hardware (Position within the system scope) The Touch Operator Panels MV 4 are Operating and Monitoring devices with Infrared - Touch - Screen - Function for Automatision systems in the middle and upper performance range. The fulfill all requirements expected from a modern visualization system. For the operation the touch panels have to be provided with the project data. The creation and the download of project data is done with a PC and the configuration software MV 4-CFG-1. MI4-Graphics OP MI4-Text OP Command & Indication RMQ Price 27-Mar-17, page 2

3 Hardware MV4 Series (Device overview)
LCD-STN mono LCD-STN colour LCD-TFT colour Prog. / Printer Port Project Memory PCMCIA slot for project memory Display size Power supply Resolution Slots MV4-150-TA1 (-xx1) MV4-450-TA1 MV4-170-TA1 MV4-470-TA1 MV4-570-TA1 MV4-570-TA2 MV4-670-TA1/TA2 MV4-690-TA1/TA2 4 Mbyte 320 * 240 5,7“ Flash 1 1 24 VDC 4 Mbyte 320 * 240 5,7“ Flash 1 1 24 VDC 4 Mbyte 640 * 480 10,4“ 1 1 24 VDC Flash 4 Mbyte 640 * 480 10,4“ 1 1 24 VDC MV4 Assortment The main differences between the devices are the display- and memory sizes. The STN panels provide an implemented project memory with presently 4 MB and one slot for communication boards.The download of a project can only be done via the serial interface RS232. All TFT panels provide a PCMCIA slot for the PCMCIA card which includes the panel project so you can save the time for the serial download of your project. Furthermore the TFT panels provide two slots for communication cards.This means that these MV4s can be simultaneously connected with two PLC types from different vendors. All MV4 devices provide a serial interface (RS232) for project down- and upload as well as for online printing. PCMCIAs card and communication cards must be ordered separately ! The Touch-Screens work with an infrared light-barrier-grid. A 5,7“-devive has 40 IR-channels, a 10,4“- devive has 70 IR-channels. The contact of the Touch-Screen is detected by an interrupt of one or more of those IR-channels. Flash 640 * 480 10,4“ Seriall or PCMCIA Serial or 1024*768 2 1 24 VDC VAC 24 VDC / VAC 15,0“ * (-xx1) Front in brushed stainless steel 27-Mar-17, page 3

4 Hardware MV4 Series (Interface cards)
ZB4-601-IF1 PRG RUN DEFAULT J6 RUN ZB4-609-IF1 CB- Loader V 1.00 DEFAULT STD ALT MPB1-TP : ALT J7 MPB2-TP : ALT CAN out ZB IF1 ACTIV ERROR ZB4-607-IF1 CAN in Communication cards The communication cards are necessary to establish the connection between the MV4 and the PLC. Depending on the type of MV4 it is possible to use one or two communication cards. ZB4-601-IF1: More than 30 different PLC drivers via COM port are available. The protocol is selected in the MV4 configurator and downloaded to the panel together with the project. ZB4-609-IF1: Same as ZB4-601-IF1 but with additional port, exclusively to be used for communication via Siemens MPI protocol (MPI port and COM port cannot be used simultaneously). ZB4-604-IF1: Data connection to the Profibus DP world. Bus termination and the setting of the communication interface is done with jumpers. Possible are RS232 / RS485 / RS422 or TTY. COM PORT Configurable for RS 232, TTY, RS 422 and RS 485 . MPI Only for SIMATIC S7 with MPI-protocol - has to be configured as RS 485 . ERROR (red) Error during the communication between the MV4 and the PLC. ACTIV (green) Is activated, if the communication between the MV4 and the PLC is ok. (normally flashing at approx. 20 Hz). J5 J1 J2 J3 J4 DEFAULT ON B A MPB1-TP : RS485 OFF MPB2-TP : RS485 ZB4-604-IF1 ZB IF1 PROFIBUS DP ACTIV ERROR 27-Mar-17, page 4

5 MV4 – Hardware overview (ordering details)
MV4-150-TA1 MV4-450-TA1 MV4-170-TA1 MV4-470-TA1 MV4-570-TA1 MV4-570-TA2 MV4-670-TA1 MV4-670-TA2 MV4-690-TA1 MV4-690-TA2 ZB4-606-IF1 ZB4-607-IF1 ZB4-609-IF1 ZB4-604-IF1 PCMCIA FLASH EEPROM ZB4-908-SC1 ZB4-916-SC1 ZB4-932-SC1 / A85_01.PPT Ordering details For the operation of the Touch Panels you need –depending on the type of panel - one or two interface modules. For the TFT-color-Touch Panels you also require a special ATA-PCMCIA-memory card The programming cable ZB4-244-PK1 is required for the serial download of the project‘s data. ZB4-244-PK1 * (-xx1) Front in brushed stainless steel 27-Mar-17, page 5

6 Gateway Function Data exchange PLC - xyz ZB4-601-IF1 ZB4-604-IF1
Suconet K ZB4-604-IF1 PROFIBUS DP Gateway - Function: The TFT-Touch Operator Panels have the ability to be fitted with two interface cards. With the Galileo Software 3.03 (or higher) and the Operation system WIN32 on the Touch-Panel, it is possible to move data between both interface cards (i.e. between different PLCs) In that case the touch panel acts as a gateway between different networks. PLC - xyz 27-Mar-17, page 6

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