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PS4 and Ethernet.

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1 PS4 and Ethernet

2 Ethernet in Moeller‘s S40 world
Sucosoft Programming You can take advantage of Ethernet in the PS40 today: The main areas of application are: - Communication to SCADA systems - Ethernet Network Programming - Communication to operating and display units The communication occurs via the programming port, on the PLC‘s side there‘s is no programming necessary for the communication. The connected devices are authorized by special drivers to access the data of the PLC. Each PLC will therefore be equipped with an Ethernet Network module (CoBox). Thus Ethernet is, for SCADA connections, an alternative to the usual „Sucom A“ and „PROFIBUS-FMS“ protocols. Moreover Ethernet offers an alternative to the programming via Suconet K. Operator Panels SCADA Ethernet TCP/IP

3 SCADA - Typical Topology
PS /300/400 PS4-141-MM1 PS4-151-MM1 PS4-201-MM1 PS4-271-MM1 PS4-341-MM1 SCADA Communication with any PS-4 PLC SCADA Communication: Each PS 4 PLC (except PS ) can be equipped with the Ethernet module. For that purpose a cable connection has to be established to the programming port of the PLC. Alternatively any other port capable of handling the SUCOM A protocol can be used for SCADA communication. The network module offers a 10 Base T access on the Ethernet side. The usual Ethernet infrastructure devices like hubs and switches can be used to establish the connection to the Ethernet port of the PC. The different drivers on the PC side are described in the following. Cable specs can be found in the applicatiion note AN27-K06-g on the Moeller website. 10 BaseT Hub Ethernet TCP/IP

4 SCADA – Scope of applications
SCADA with Sucom A driver via COM x Any PC application Sucom A DLL with COM x Any PC application S40 LINK DLL +Sucom A DLL mit Rem IP PC Applikation mit OPC Client S40 OPC Server mit Rem IP Redirect COM x to Remote IP Here the possible software alternatives for the access of data via Ethernet are displayed. 1.) PLS with Sucom A driver via COM: Any application providing a Sucom A driver can be used. Additionally a „Redirector“ Software will be installed, which redirects the COM Port to the Ethernet Address of the CoBox. 2.) Any PC Application using the Sucom A.DLL: Together with the Sucosoft S40 a Sucom A.DLL is provided. That DLL provides the user the reading and writingof marker data by offering a function. This combination is often used for user-specific visualization software. The Redirector is also required. 3.) same as 2, only that an additional „S40 Link DLL“ will be applied replacing the „Redirector“. 4.) SCADA with OPC Client interface: OPC is a very common data interface for SCADA systems. Moeller offers the OPC Server, with which the access of variables from different PLCs will be defined. On request by a client the value of the variables will be automatically requested from the server directly to the PLC‘s memory. This is an ideal solution for large amounts of data. Ethernet Card Ethernet TCP/IP

5 Availability of SCADA communication
SCADA with Sucom A driver via COM x Any PC application Sucom A DLL mit COM x Any PC application S40 LINK DLL +Sucom A DLL with Remote IP PC application With OPC Client S40 OPC Server with Remote IP Type:S40-D-CD SAP:202922 Type: S40 OPC-Server SAP: From: Moeller Canada Redirect COM x to Rem IP Type: CoBox SAP: Here you find the ordering numbers of the respective software modules. The Ethernet network module, the CoBox, can be ordered at Moeller with the a.m. SAP number. The CoBox will be shipped including the Redirector Software for no additional cost. Besides the standard documentation of the CoBox there exists the application note AN27-K06-D/G. This describes hte necessary settings for operating the CoBox in in one of the above mentioned applications. Application note AN27-K06-d/g on the Internet Ethernet Card Ethernet TCP/IP

6 SCADA - Typical applications with the OPC Server
Ethernet TCP/IP Ethernet card Windows® application Hub The connection to SCADA systems via the OPC Server is very interesting due to its comfortable realization. The S40 OPC Server includes a configurator, with which all process data relevant for the client are defined. For each variable there have to be defined a symbolic name, the IP address of the hosting PLC and the corresponding marker address. The configurator will then enter this into the OPC Data base. During run time any Windows application with an OPC client interface can access the variable via its symbolic name and request the actual value via the OPC Server. The OPC server knows the data base and the „location“ of each piece of data and will actively manage the data exchange. This procedure is principally valid for both directions of the data flow. The server processes all clients‘ „Requests“ sequentially. Configured variables which are not or only rarely used by the client will not cause any delay. A speed enhancement, however, can be achieved by grouping the variables into neighbouring address spaces.

7 GoodYear Project - 100 wire pulling machines PS4-341
for tyre production - each one with a CoBox - S40 Link DLL - GoodYear – proprietory SCADA package For vehicle tyres inlays of steel wire mesh are necessary. The corresponding machines are controlled by PS4-341-MM1. In one shift each generates 500 Kbyts of data, which have to be transmitted to the SCADA system. The data is transported via CoBox and Ethernet with the help of the S40 Link DLL to a PC based SCADA system. The Ethernet network can, by the way, used for all programming and monitoring functionality of the Sucosoft S40. Ethernet TCP/IP

8 Programming - Overview
Sucosoft S40 to COM x Redirect COM x to Remote IP If the PC is provided with an Ethernet interface, the Sucosoft S40 from Version 4.10 can also manage the programming and commissioning of PLCs via an Ethernet network. One CoBox for each PLC is required. The Sucosoft Version 4.x supports up to 4 Com ports for the communication. Therefore the Redirecting to an Ethernet IP (Internet Protocol) address is required. That will be managed by the Redirector Software. The software contains a relation table of Com to IP which has to be specified once. As soon as one application (e.g. Sucosoft) accesses on of those Com Ports, the Redirector will forward the colrresponding data stream to the relateds IP address. Ethernet Card Ethernet TCP/IP

9 Operator Panels - Overview
All MI/MV 4 CoBox - CoBox communication With Sucom A Sucom A For the communication with operating and display panels via Ethernet two CoBoxes will be logically connected. That way each device gets an Ethernet interface. This topology is of special advantage whenever an Ethernet infrastructure is already available; i.e. if existing cabling can be used. Ethernet TCP/IP

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