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MiCTA = Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association.

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2 MiCTA = Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association

3 MiCTA had its roots in MI Where did MiCTA come from? The telecommunications directors at some of Michigan's largest universities began meeting regularly in 1982 to discuss telecommunications and to share information about telecommunications services on their campuses. The group became known as MiCTA, the Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association.

4 Members worked together to lower long distance rates

5 MiCTA became a formal organization

6 MiCTA Created solutions for Video Conferencing

7 Membership was opened to K-12 & other non-profits


9 The Mission remains the same as 31 years ago Our mission is to work cooperatively with vendors to resolve voice, video, and data issues among our members, and offer professional development opportunities for our members.

10 Create the best value solutions for our members

11 Services have expanded & continue to grow

12 Today MiCTA produces:  Case studies and white papers  Virtual conferences & webinars  Research into best procurement practices  Grant programs

13 The core service: Request for Proposals (RFP)

14 RFPs by member request

15 Comparison of MiCTA Procurement Procedures Compared with State Procedures



18 MiCTA RFPs developed by volunteer experts from member organizations

19 Two committees: Development & Evaluation

20 Policies and procedures are followed rigorously

21 RFPs are nationally advertised in print & on the Web

22 The Development Process

23 The Evaluation Process

24 Committee findings are final

25 RFPs are nationally advertised in print & on the Web

26 Recommendations must be approved by the Board of Directors

27 Negotiations to develop a mutually accepted Master Service Agreement (MSA)

28 MSAs are living documents which can be amended MSA Components

29 Participation Agreements MSA Components

30 MSA terms do not exceed a total of 5 years MSA Components

31 No contract / terms & conditions negotiation process. MiCTA Member contract is simple. About Our Membership

32 No commitments. Large or small, members enjoy the same pricing. About Our Membership

33 About Our Membership No lengthy RFP / bid process Members do not have to bid products / services. Members simply buy from MiCTA contract.

34 About Our Membership Eliminates special pricing negotiations

35 Membership fees

36 Vendor Support Local sales, marketing, engineering, and customer service. Members who purchase under MiCTA are assigned a team of local sales and support professionals.

37 E-Rate K-12 members and the National 470

38 National Healthcare Connect Fund Passed into law on December 12, 2012 by the FCC, this new “Visionary Fund” changes the course of funding for Rural Health Care under USF providing sweeping changes, from a flat rate of 65% for all services and eligible network equipment to the potential for participation of non-rural HCPs in a majority rural HCP consortium, and much more. MiCTA is pleased to have been involved in many of the changes contained in the new HCF and encourages its current HCP Members and interested HCPs to take advantage of this new MiCTA Program.

39 To view MiCTA’s National Healthcare Connect Fund Program Overview in its entirety, please visit the link below. MiCTA NHCFP Overview LinkMiCTA NHCFP Overview Link. You may find a video on MiCTA’s National Healthcare Connect Fund Program filing instructions below. MiCTA National Healthcare Connect Fund Filing Instructions MiCTA National Healthcare Connect Fund Filing Instructions. For more information visit our website at and click on "National Health Care" tab on the left. National Health Care National Healthcare Connect Fund

40 Current Vendor MSAs

41 2014 MiCTA Vendors Arrow

42 2014 MiCTA Vendors Brocade

43 2014 MiCTA Vendors Carahsoft

44 2014 MiCTA Vendors CenturyLink

45 2014 MiCTA Vendors Innovative Communications Inc.

46 2014 MiCTA Vendors Integra

47 2014 MiCTA Vendors Jive

48 2014 MiCTA Vendors Juniper

49 2014 MiCTA Vendors Level3

50 2014 MiCTA Vendors Lightower

51 2014 MiCTA Vendors NETech

52 2014 MiCTA Vendors Phybridge

53 2014 MiCTA Vendors RedSky

54 2014 MiCTA Vendors Sprint

55 2014 MiCTA Vendors Strategic Management Associates

56 2014 MiCTA Vendors Technology Innovation Group

57 2014 MiCTA Vendors T-Mobile

58 2014 MiCTA Vendors Verizon

59 Products & Services Telecommunications

60 Products & Services Specialty Services & Applications

61 Products & Services Video Integration Services

62 Products & Services Membership (click here to join)

63 Products & Services Membership carries no obligation

64 How Members are Using MiCTA MSAs Regroup- Emergency Notification System Disaster Recovery Innovative Communications Inc.- Desktop Video Conferencing Portable Conferencing Direct Equipment Purchasing

65 How Members are Using MiCTA MSAs Juniper Networks - Routing Switching Wireless Network Management Application Acceleration Identity & Policy Control Software J-Care Technical Services (Technical Support ) NETech Corporation - IP-based integration services VoIP - Equipment and Professional Services Equipment - All of Cisco Products and Services

66 How Members are Using MiCTA MSAs ShoreTel - Telecommunications VoIP Services IP Services Specialty Services & Applications Sprint -Mobile Learning and GPS Telecommunications VoIP Services Specialty Services & Applications Equipment

67 MiCTA Approved E-rate Consulting Services

68 MiCTA Emergency Communications E911/NG911 2012 RFP

69 MiCTA Membership 69 Any U.S. Non-Profit/Public HCP can join MiCTA. Join MiCTA at Select the Membership Box. Select “Join MiCTA”. Indicate You Are a New Health Care Member. Save HCF Email Confirmation of MiCTA Membership.

70  MiCTA Office – 1-888-964-2227.  MiCTA Address – 4805 Towne Centre Suite 100, Saginaw, MI 48604  MiCTA web site – Contact Information 70

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