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MiCTA National Healthcare Connect Fund Program

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1 MiCTA National Healthcare Connect Fund Program

2 MiCTA HCP Members (Advantage)
MiCTA HCP Members do not have to file a form 461 (Bid) (By FCC Law they can use existing MiCTA E-Rate discount MSAs (Contracts) All MiCTA Contracts are also “Evergreen” (multi-year) as recognized by the FCC/USAC MiCTA HCP members will need to provide proof of membership (if you didn’t keep your official membership contact the MiCTA office) Must join before filing your 462 (Request for Services Form) Must validate that MiCTA contract(s) being used are approved E-Rate contracts All qualified HCF/E-Rate vendors can be found by cursing over the “National Health Care” tab on the MiCTA Home Page Go to “Eligible Vendors” dropdown 2

3 Who Is Eligible to Participate
Public or Non-Profit Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, Community Health Centers, Health Centers Serving Migrants, Community Mental Health Centers, Local Health Departments or Agencies, Post-Secondary Educational Institutions/Teaching Hospitals/Medical Schools or Consortia of the above 3

4 HCF Overview Program Encourages HCP Consortiums
Funding is a flat 65% for services/eligible network access equipment One application (462) required for all Consortium members May include non-rural HCPs (consortium must be at least 51% rural HCPs) Ineligible HCPs may participate (Ineligible HCPs can participate and take advantage of the Consortium pricing They cannot receive funding must pay their fare share for cost for services/network equipment as determined by consortium leader) 4

5 HCF Overview (cont.) Consortium Leader
A consortium leader is the legal entity – lead for the consortium Can be: Eligible HCP – part of the consortium Ineligible state organization Public Sector (government) entity, including tribal governments Non-Profit entity Project Coordinator Point of contact with Commission/USAC Authorized employee of consortium leader 5

6 HCF Overview (cont.) Consortiums
Can include non-rural & ineligible HCPs Can be made up of HCPs from anywhere in the country Lowers admin costs Provides collaboration of medical –technical – administrative expertise though higher bandwidth at lower cost via MiCTA contract discounts before the 65% HCF discount Enables telemedine collaboration Lowers cost of health care Encourages remote training

7 What is Supported 7 Wireline Broadband Services
No bandwidth limitation Includes “Cloud” technology (converged services) Reasonable And Customary Installation Charges Equipment Necessary to Make Service Functional Connections to Off-Site Admin Offices/Data Centers Connections to Research/Education Networks 7

8 Funding Eligible Participants: 65% discount on all eligible services/network equipment and customary installation costs for eligible participants Non-Rural HCPs: Support Capped at ($30,000 annually for recurring services/$70,000 maximum over 5 year period for non- recurring Charges) Consortium pre-approved funding for up to 3 years (must contact USAC prior to end of 3rd year to request 2 more pre-approved years Must re-bid every 5 years Filing window will open sometime late August – Early September 2013 Funding begins January 1, 2014 8

9 Skilled Nursing Facilities Pilot Program
Test relative to how to support broadband connections for skilled nursing facilities Pilot will begin in 2014 Three year study Funding up to $50 million FCC will solicit input regarding design of the pilot program Participants will be required to collect data and submit reports

10 MiCTA Membership Any Non-Profit/Public HCP In The Country Can Join MiCTA No Cost for 1st Year Membership Fee Join MiCTA at Curse Over to Membership Box On Left Click on “Join MiCTA” Indicate You Are a New Health Care Member Receive Confirmation Save confirmation for HCF filing

11 Contact Information MiCTA Office – Help Desk Gary Green – MiCTA HCP Consultant USAC/Health Care Connect Help Desk

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