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Navigating Student Futures through Naviance Pomona High School October 23, 2013.

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1 Navigating Student Futures through Naviance Pomona High School October 23, 2013

2 Jeffco ICAP Milestones 2013-14 7th Grade (Completed) 8 th Grade (Completed) 9 th Grade (Nov.18-19) 10 th Grade (Nov. 11-12) 11 th Grade (Nov. 4-5) 12 th Grade (Oct. 25) 1. Complete Career Cluster Finder 1. Complete Career Key 1. Review Graduation Requirements – 9 th Grade 1. Complete College Search 1. Build Resume 2. How Do I Learn Survey 2. Review Graduation Requirements/HEAR – 8 th Grade 2. 4 Year Plan2. Build Resume 2. Add Colleges to My List 2. Financial Aid Plan 3. ICAP Recap – 7 th Grade 3. ICAP Recap – 8 th Grade 3. Complete Career Interest Profiler 3. 4 Year Plan 3. Scholarship Search 4. ICAP Recap – 9 th Grade 4. ICAP Recap – 10 th Grade 4. Review Graduation/HEAR/N CAA/NAIA Requirement 4. Jeffco Senior Survey 5. Index Score 6. 4 Year Plan 7. ICAP Recap – 11 th Grade

3 Naviance Used by 4.5 million students College research and matching tools Course planning Career assessment Naviance Student Mobile App (iOS devices) Personality tests Integrated with The Common Application

4 1. Google PHS Website 2. Go to “Counseling” 3. Scroll to Links 4.Click on “Naviance”

5 Log in E-mail: Student ID # Password: Student’s 8 digit DOB Student ID Birthday

6 Home Screen ICAP Milestones Important information Main areas to navigate Updates College visits

7 My Planner Tab – “Tasks Assigned to Me”

8 12 th Grade Milestones Milestones

9 “Tasks You’ve Completed” Click to view student responses

10 About Me Tab

11 Careers Tab

12 Colleges Tab

13 SuperMatch College Search Choose criteria for search

14 Factors Determining Admissions Eligibility

15 Scholarship Lists Pick a category that applies to you and/or your student

16 Suggested Links from the Counselor Center Academics 2013-2014 Course Description Book ACT Students Kaplan Free Online ACT Prep SAT-College Board Naviance 2013-2014 Course Description Book AP Testing Information AP Exam Student Letter Before Your Senior Year Prepared Panthers Guide Calculate Your Index Score HEAR Requirements Scholarships Ultimate Money Skills FAFSA Pin FAFSA Predictor/Practice FAFSA Registration Financial Aid Resources Boettcher Essay Writing Tips Careers My Majors Naviance Investigate Careers Video WarrenTech Jobs Jeffco Youthworks Colorado Youth Employment During Your Senior Year The Common Application College Opportunity Fund Letter of Recommendation Form College Application Deadlines of Colorado Schools NCAA NCAA Official Website NCAA Eligibility Center Student Guide for NCAA Registration Registration Quick Reference Guide NCAA Guide for the Student-Athlete Path to the Student-Athlete Experience NCAA 2.3 Website

17 How Counselors Review/Send Student Information to Colleges

18 Questions?? If you have any questions or need help with any part of Naviance Family Connection, ask your student’s counselor. And remember…You and your student can log on from ANYWHERE!

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