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NAVIANCE How to use Naviance to apply to college at Westinghouse College Prep.

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1 NAVIANCE How to use Naviance to apply to college at Westinghouse College Prep

2 Welcome to Naviance!

3 Signing In and Registration Enter your username and password Username is your personal email address Password should be cps******** (ID #) Click on “Forgot Password” if you forgot your password This will prompt you to check your email and re-create a new password

4 Your home page will look like this!

5 Using “About Me” Use “About Me” at home or in free time to learn more about yourself, to upload documents, and to create your resume Resume tool is easy and fast – you just input and they create for you!

6 Using “Careers” Tab Use the “Careers” Tab if you want to do research different careers Do you want to be a Sports Psychologist? How do you know what schooling you will need? Use the Careers Tab to find job descriptions, average annual income, skills needed, etc. for specific jobs

7 Using “Colleges” Tab

8 SuperMatch College Search Asks for preferences on match and fit factors College Search A different way to sort by preferences Take 5-10 minutes to add/pin schools you’re thinking about Researching Colleges on Naviance

9 “College Compare” Can compare your GPA and test scores with up to 10 schools at a time College Lookup View in-depth information about colleges, including contact information Click on “Overlaps” to see a list of other schools that students frequently apply to when they apply to a specific school “General Info”

10 “Colleges I’m Thinking About” Once you know a college you’re interested in, you can add it to the “Colleges I’m Thinking About” list. It can be updated at any time. “+ add to this list” to add a college Add three schools to your “I’m thinking about” List

11 Applying to Colleges on Naviance

12 The Common App! You MUST register a user name and password with The Common Application The Common Application: COMMONAPP.ORG You can start your Common App as early as August 1 There will be no access to accounts created before August 1 st 2012 – start your app in August, no earlier!

13 Colleges I’m Applying To “+ to this list” To add colleges your applying to Requests for Letters of Rec “add/cancel requests” under “Teacher Recommendations” Also need to indicate whether you are applying via the Common App

14 Transcript Requests Transcript Requests are made starting by clicking on “Transcripts” on the left-hand side, under the “Colleges” tab Fill in the appropriate Decision Deadline USE THE “LOOKUP” TOOL to the right of the box, to “lookup” the school you are requesting for. DO NOT TYPE IT IN YOURSELF Click on “Request Transcripts” at bottom of page Transcript requests will take two weeks to process. If you do not request outside of two weeks before a deadline, your request may not be honored

15 College Visits

16 College Resources and Enrichment Programs Tab Useful links to websites that are helpful for college and career research, financial aid assistance and standardized test preparation

17 Remember! THIS WEBSITE IS HOW YOU WILL APPLY TO COLLEGE Write down your username and password – don’t forget! Check your email, often! Get used to the program – use it during the summer!

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