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FOOD Project work from English Lenka Káčerová,3.A.

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1 FOOD Project work from English Lenka Káčerová,3.A

2 Traditional American eating habits Breakfast: eggs toast fruit juice, coffee, tea meat (bacon or sausages) cereals pancakes, muffins, waffles with butter and maple syrup

3 Traditional American eating habits Lunch: sandwich (grilled cheese sandwich or BLT- bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich) hamburgers (various types) hot dogs pizza

4 Traditional American eating habits Dinner: fried steak and fish and chips desert (apple pie, milkshake, ice cream, fruit...) dinner „out“ (at snack bars, fast food restaurants, restaurants) take away services pizza ready prepared (heated in a microwave oven)

5 Traditional British eating habits Breakfast: coffee, tea cereals (e.g. cornflakes) with milk or cream and sugar fried bacon, eggs, sausages with fried tomatoes spicy beans in tomato sauce toast and marmalade

6 Traditional British eating habits Lunch: soup dessert ham or cheese sandwiches fruit pudding ice cream

7 Traditional British eating habits Dinner: soup fried fish and chips meat and fish with vegetables meat puddings and meat pies apple pie stewed fruit custard ice cream

8 Traditional Slovak eating habits Breakfast: bread or rolls with salami or ham and with vegetables rolls with jam or marmalade tea, milk, coffee

9 Traditional Slovak eating habits Lunch: soup roast pork with dumplings or potato dumplings and cabbage or sauerkraut a fried pork chop with boiled potatoes or chips and vegetable salad Vienna steak with potato salad or goulash with dumplings dumplings with sheep cheese dessert (fruit, ice cream, cake...)

10 Traditional Slovak eating habits Dinner: cold meat, salami, ham, cheese, eggs with bread or rolls and some vegetables pancakes potato pancakes pizza pasta with meat sauce risotto


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