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Facebook Clinic and Online Strategies for Your Business Building the foundation for a successful web presence.

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1 Facebook Clinic and Online Strategies for Your Business Building the foundation for a successful web presence

2 Introduction Karl Asst. Director785-234-3235 Les Consultant785-234-3235 Mary AnnConsultant – Wetmore785-866-2095 DarynConsultant – Manhattan785-587-9917 CollinConsultant – Topeka785-234-3235

3 Overview With the internet, there is no such thing as a “limit” – As of March, 2011 2.1 billion people use the internet – 301 million people use the internet in the United States – 2,248,721 people use the internet in Kansas – For 2010, Ecommerce sales were $164.6 billion

4 The Tools of the Trade


6 The Website A Website – As important as a business card Internet search for a business – Google searches per day? Introduction of mobile and mobile browsing – Over 50% of every phone in the US is a “smart” one – Voice recognition searches the web, not the phonebook Too easy and cheap not to be on the web

7 The Website Common reasons not to have a website – Too expensive – Don’t have the knowledge to build one – Don’t have the time to build / maintain one – Doesn’t matter to the business, fine without one

8 The Website Too Expensive

9 The Website Don’t have the knowledge or time

10 The Website A website doesn’t matter – We can talk about statistics like we already have? Or, I can tell you my experience – Series of brick and mortar stores – Medium sales, breaking even w/ a little extra – No growth, industry somewhat slowing down – Ecommerce series of websites was introduced…

11 Social Media The social wave – No matter the industry, businesses are moving to include Facebook in their marketing plans at an exponential rate. – Plumbers to bakeries to vet clinics – But why?

12 Social Media


14 Facebook Kansas FB Users - 1,247,740 – Total Kansas Population - 2,853,118 – 43.7% – About 1,500 in / around Seneca – About 9,300 in / around Topeka – Over 50, Fastest growing demographic

15 Now that I’ve convinced you, here are the common mistakes made by businesses on Facebook: – Making a business “profile” instead of a “page” – Posting “push” marketing instead of “pull” customer relationship management – No consistency – Lack of planning, no strategy / goals Facebook

16 Mistake #1 – Making a profile instead of a page – Why is it wrong in the first place? Terms of Agreement Lack of features Less Viral – How do you fix it? Make a transfer strategy Facebook

17 Transfer Strategy – Create the Facebook Page – Designate a “shut down” date for your profile – Notify current “friends” of the shut down date and link to the new Page Do this every few days / weeks and at different times so that your reading audience can see the posts Facebook


19 What to expect during a transfer – You will only get fans that truly follow the brand to come over to the Facebook Page – Expect to lose approximately 60% of your followers – A good time to change your strategy or start from scratch with content. – Rekindle engagement Facebook

20 Mistake #2 – Sending “Push,” not creating “Pull” – We see around 300 advertisements per day – Most traditional advertisement does not contain the elements which make them “viral” – Sending consistent information without customer interaction renders a Facebook Page useless. – So what do you post? Facebook


22 Mistake #3 – No Consistency – If you say “yes” to social media, you are saying that you have time to use social media – Being inconsistent with your social media use is more destructive than poor content. – Let’s look at a study that was done by Socialmediatoday Facebook



25 Mistake #4 – No plan or strategy – Ideas for the content that is going to be placed on your Page (contests, deals, facts etc.) – Time allowances that will be set in place each day that are used to further social media endeavors – Understanding of analytics and adjustment – Advertising on Facebook itself. Facebook

26 Number of unique People who like the page Number of unique people who are friends of your fans Number of “likes”, comments, mentions, tags etc. Number of unique people who have seen any page content Number of unique people who have seen the post Number of people who have clicked your post Number of “likes”, comments, answers, responses etc. Percentage of “likes”, comments, answers, responses in relevance to your reach

27 Number of “likes” and “unlikes” through the designated period of time Shows where the “likes” came from within the Designated period of time

28 Total number of page views over the selected period of time Shows where people are going within your Facebook Page Shows how people got to your Facebook Page

29 Number of people who saw the post on their News Feed, Ticker, or on the Page Number of people who saw the post on a page post ad or sponsored story Number of people who saw the post on a story that was posted by a friend Number of times a person was exposed to content about your Facebook Page



32 The Top Three If nothing else, make sure you look at these analytics. – New “Likes” and “Like” sources – Demographics – Reach per post

33 Facebook Ads



36 Other Social Media Tools Twitter Microblog – 140 characters to say what you need to say. This includes spaces. Same concept of “pull” rather than “push” Search function – don’t wait for the customers to come to you

37 Other Social Media Tools Location Based (Foursquare, Gowalla) – Users “check in” to the places they visit – Those who follow them see the places they visit – Some also connect this service to Facebook – Provide incentives for checking in Ranking system on both sites The QR Code and the future – QR – However, the QR code is being replaced – Kooba Shortcuts and other new tech.

38 Other Social Media Tools Youtube (or another video service) Another form of interaction Good for social media content How To’s, Product Demonstrations, FAQ etc.

39 Brand Management Google Alerts Know when and where your company is being mentioned by someone Kurrently Search your company name / brand for mentions on Facebook / Twitter

40 So what now? You have been introduced to some of the available tools to help drive traffic to your business – Customer service and CRM becomes the next piece of the business puzzle – Remember, they have the same social tools as you do with the same chance to reach thousands of people – Word of mouth will always win out

41 The Future

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